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  1. Gulf Brewery

    2 Tier system for sale in SA

    Hi all This is for those in SA. I have my original 3 vessel system that I haven't used for a while. Comes with 3 converted 45 litre kegs for the vessels, 3 gas burners and a stand. Make me an offer around the $100 mark with a half dozen homebrew and its yours. Cheers Peter
  2. Gulf Brewery

    Fundraiser for SA Fires with Craft Brewers @ Hampshire on Sunday

    Hi everyone The Hampshire offered free accommodation to those who been evacuated because of the bushfires and are now running a fundraiser on Sunday for cause. The SA microbreweries are donating beer and cider for the event and Butchers Guild are putting on a BBQ We and we would like all those...
  3. Gulf Brewery

    WTB - 4 or 5 tap flooded font

    Hi everyone I am looking for a 4 or 5 tap flooded font. If anyone has one gathering dust (unlikely, I know), I am interested in buying it for our portable bar. If you have one, pm with a photo or 2 and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers Peter
  4. Gulf Brewery

    Chat Isn't Working

    Hi Admins It looks like irsee isn't available - I cannot resolve any DNS records for this. Not sure if it is temporary or permanent. Cheers Pedro
  5. Gulf Brewery

    Beer Festivals In Sa

    Hi everyone There are discussions occuring amongst the SA microbreweries and some other people about what people would like to see in a Beer Festival. This is the chance for those in SA to have their say about beer festivals, but we welcome comments from other states. A few things to get the...
  6. Gulf Brewery

    Beer And Coke

    From "The Advertiser" BREWER Lion Nathan has made a $7.7 billion bid for Coca Cola Amatil to create Australia's largest beer and soft drinks company. Linky Here In Adelaide the Lion brewery and Coca Cola are only 500 metres apart, they could just put a pipe between the two plants and make...
  7. Gulf Brewery

    Issues Accessing Ahb

    Hi to the friendly super admins There is an issue for some users (2 I know of) accessing AHB - it appears traffic is not making its way though the hosting provider. I am OK and a tracert shows 7 47 ms 46 ms 46 ms [] 8 48 ms...
  8. Gulf Brewery

    Brewery Planned For Warrnambool

    A new microbrewery is planned for Warrnambool. From the "Standard", there is a new $8M complex including a brewery. As they haven't started construction yet, so will be a while before they are up. Cheers Pedro
  9. Gulf Brewery

    Macintosh Brewing Software - Beeralchemy

    Hi This is for those poor Mac users that complain there is never ever any software for them. I am only providing this link for the poor mac unfortunates that can't run Promash like us Windoze users :D It would be good if a Mac user could download and evaluate this software and let everyone...
  10. Gulf Brewery

    Gulf Brewery - Your Chance To Name The Beers

    Hi everyone Now I know this is just freeloading, but us businessmen need all the help we can get. I am looking for ideas on what to call the beers now. Now remembering that the logo is based around a fish and the target market is in the 25 - 39 range, have your say. The beers are...
  11. Gulf Brewery

    "gulf Brewery" Logos And Survey

    Hi all The setup of the brewery grinds on and things are slowly happening. The website is now setup. It needs a bit of refinement yet, but the basics are there. Now the interesting bit. There is a survey on the site where you can add your opinion about the logos, the beers and the hotels...
  12. Gulf Brewery

    Fosters Buying Southcorp

    There was a bit about this on TV tonight and SWMBO said "Now all their wines will taste the same" :P Very astute comment for a casual beer drinker. Cheers Pedro
  13. Gulf Brewery

    Hyperlinks In Posts

    Hi Dane I tried to post a link with a space in it into a post and instead of showing the hyperlink like it should (this one is without a space), it showed it the embedded codes like this which is wrong. Cheers Pedro
  14. Gulf Brewery

    The "gulf Brewery"

    Hi all Finally after 2 years of thinking about this and 4 months of serious work, that the "Gulf Brewery" is becoming a reality. The location of the brewery hasn't been determined yet, I am still looking for a place with enough power in the southern or western suburbs of Adelaide. I have...
  15. Gulf Brewery

    36 Litre Coolers In Adelaide

    Hi I was in Flinders Camping today and they had 36 litre round water containers that could be converted to mash tuns for $79. They are blue, and I don't know the brand. I have never converted one, but there is plenty of help on this forum if you wish to do it. Cheers Pedro
  16. Gulf Brewery

    Mash Paddle Judging - Lets Be Postive About This

    Hi all There seems to be a lot of consternation about the judging of the Mash Paddle. So, lets have a constructive chat about it and allay any fears. This is a long post, but a lot needs to be said. First - from Steve's post ============================================ All beers where judged...