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  1. Tex083

    Free Bottles - Pascoe Vale VIC

    Hi guys I’m moving house next week and need to get rid of some bottles. All up I think I have 60 660ml bottles all boxed up for you. Also have 22 330ml green glass bottles too. Mostly very clean, some dust from sitting around in my garage. Pick up this week or they go to the recycling...
  2. Tex083

    Disconnect seals (inside the liquid disconnect)

    I took apart my black plastic ball lock disconnect as it was not flowing. The seals inside were all torn up. Does anyone know if the inside parts are available? I can find 1 place in the states but $15 postage on a $3 part is not cool. Cheers Dan
  3. Tex083

    Kegerator hire Melbourne

    I'm looking for any companies that hire out kegerator for weddings. I have a mate getting married and I'm brewing some kegs but can't take my kegerator to the function. I don't really want a Jockey box as I can't bring my co2 cylinder either. So anyone out here know where I can hire a ball lock...
  4. Tex083

    FS Keggle Melbourne

    I have my trusty Keggle for sale, it has a 2200W element in it which boils 23L of wort easily. Stainless bulkhead and 2 piece ball valve (a good one, no cheap crap) sight gauge for Keggle. Selling due to upgrade. I was sold the keg on here and was told it's legit. $100 which is...
  5. Tex083

    Anyone using induction?

    I was watching Brew Dogs season 2 today and saw they were using induction hotplates on the brew rig. It got me thinking I would like to move away from a keggle boiler with a 2200W element in it as its difficult to clean. I have been looking at different methods of mounting elements in pots but...
  6. Tex083

    Help with a "thin" Scotch Ale

    Hi Brewers I recently brewed a scotch ale (recipe to follow) and have found it to taste ok, it lacks some body and it slightly tannic in flavour. I will run through the brew day as best I can and if anyone knows where the full malty body of my beer has gone that would be great! the beer is good...
  7. Tex083

    Female 240v outlets?

    Hi guys I remember somewhere someone posted a link to eBay showing a bulk lot of 10 female 240v 3 pin connectors I need to build 3 stc1000's so @ 7ea from Jaycar it's getting expensive! I don't want to use extension cords as it looks shit and I'm giving one to my boss. Anyone with a solution, I...
  8. Tex083

    Refilling Soda Stream @ home

    So I have almost convinced my wife I need a keg set up, just for partys.... for now. I have a very tight budget as she is compairing the cost to the price of a slab, not aurora borealis but somewhere in the $50 a slob mark. So I said I could use the soad stream cylinders to dispense and...
  9. Tex083

    FS: SS Stock Pots - Melbourne

    G'Day brewers I have 2 stock pots for sale, they were purchased recently but I have changed my mind.... again and wont have a use for them. So grab a bargian. Pot 1: 32L SS pot with rivited handles and a SS lid Height: 350mm Diamater: 350mm Great SS Mash Tun!! Pot...
  10. Tex083

    FB size? 9" or 12"

    I am currently upgrading from a pot and lauter tun to a HERMS system. The lauter tun has a 9" FB is this big enough for my larger pot? My pot is somewhere around 15" in diameter. Cost is a big factor, 12" would be ideal but could I get away with the 9" or is there too much space around the FB...
  11. Tex083

    Beersmith Help - Wont generate brewsheet/brew steps

    Hi guys I have been using Beersmith 1.3 for a long time and really enjoy it. Today I went to print the brew sheet for my ESB but when I click on the button it goes to a print preview and has the little blue circle spinning (I think its the new windows egg timer) Nothing has changed on my...
  12. Tex083

    FS Electric hotplate Melbourne

    FS: 240V 15A 3200W Twin electric hotplate. I have 2 and only need one. It all stainless and holds up to the weight of a 20L SS pot of water/wort. Size is Height: 17cm Depth: 46.5cm Width: 58cm Sm hotplate Dia:`18cm Lg hotplate dia: 28cm I was going to remove the switch and...
  13. Tex083

    Mash tun insulation

    I was looking through the Jaycar catalogue and found they have sound matt with a foil backing. Its rated to 110C and comes in 900*300 for $30 Anyone used this sort of thing for insulating a mash tun? I know it works for sound but could it be used on my mash/boil...
  14. Tex083

    My PID Enclosure

    Hi Guys I would like to share my PID enclosure with you all as I found it difficult to find an enclosure that was reasonably priced amd the right size. Water resistant would be a bonus. I will start with the parts then a picture. Auber Insturments PID: $45.50 SSR output NO ramp/soak RTD...
  15. Tex083

    Kk Stainless Coil

    Hi Guys I have been planning a HERMS system for a while now. I was looking into the Gryphon Brewing HERMS coil which is a great unit but I want to put a coil into my HLT. This will be more efficient as I can heat the sparge water just after the mash. And the HEX I build REALLY didnt work :( I...
  16. Tex083

    G&g Heating Elements

    Hi Guys I have been reading a lot in reguards to the Keg King elements and the failures assoicated with so Im looking for a good heating element for my HLT and boil kettle. My HLT is a BigW 19L SS stock pot and the boil kettle is going to be a 30-40L SS pot which im still looking for. I only do...
  17. Tex083

    Pots In Nsw On Gray's Online

    Having a look at Grays came across this Looks good for some brewing
  18. Tex083


    Hi Guys im new around here so if the question has been asked a million times im sorry. I have recently been given a lauter tun and im keen as to get in to AG brewing. I have been reading up and have most of the equipment, my final large purchase will be a chiller. I am leaning towards a 30...