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  1. Wolfman

    So when do you stop being noob an start to become part of the furnitur

    So when does one stop being a noob and become part of the furniture? 1. X years as a brewer? 2. X amount of batches of beer? 3. X amount of time you have been a member of this forum? Pick your number and your reason as to your choice.
  2. Wolfman

    Wolfman's Brewery

    New addition to the brewery.
  3. Wolfman

    Brew day at Wolfmans

    Hey lads if ya not on Facebook you would have missed it. I'm having a brew day for one of our ANHC beers tomorrow. All club members welcome. Will have some hotdogs on the go and byo beer. Pm me for the details.
  4. Wolfman


    Made some Metwurst the other day. Here's how the process went: Starting product. Mincing. Hanging over night. (With some home made Hotdogs) Firing up the smoker. Smoke baby smoke. 4 Hours in. 5 Hours in. Out of the smoker and into the ice bath. Let the Blooming begin...
  5. Wolfman

    ANHC 2014

    Who's going? I'll be there. Cheap flights on Virgin finish tonight. Let's get a good crowd up to the nations capital an show the older clubs the newbies have what it takes!
  6. Wolfman

    Carwyn cellars today

    A few of us are heading to carwyn cellars for a few sours if anyone's keen?
  7. Wolfman

    Just chilli recipes

    Righty o good people. Post up your chilli recipes here so there's no need to trawl through 70 pages. Sauces jams whatever your recipe is.
  8. Wolfman

    Free Stubbies

    Hey good people I have 8 creates of stubbies for who ever wants them. Pick up is in Brunswick. Only cost you a couple of your finest.
  9. Wolfman

    Free Stubbies- Brunswick

    I have 4 cartons of excess stubbies if anyone would like them. They are the Macs type. I also have a couple of crates of oddies. Some 330, 375 and 500. PM if interested. Pick up Brunswick Vico
  10. Wolfman

    NTC 6-6.5 mm probes for stc-1000

    Where have you bought these said probes? These are the ones that you use in a bulk head fitting for a herms type system.
  11. Wolfman

    RecipeDB - Irish Vienna Red Ale

    <div class='ipsBox clear vcard' id='recipe_card'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed ipsLayout ipsLayout_withleft ipsLayout_smallleft clearfix'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed_tabs ipsLayout_left' id='recipe_tabs'> <p class='short photo_holder'> <img...
  12. Wolfman

    Stalled Saison

    I have a problem. I have a Saison fermenting, it was dumped on top of a Saison yeast cake. It started OK now it has stalled. It has been fermenting at 33c. OG was 1.056 on the 28/05/12 Current is 1.036. I have stired the yeast cake up. No signs of life. Now as I don't have another 3724 ready...
  13. Wolfman

    Irish Veinna Ale

    I am out of base malt as the BB is this week end. I wanted to make an Irish Red Ale. I have some Vienna malt in surplus, so I thought I'd replace the pale with the Vienna? What do you guys think? 27L Batch Weyermann Vienna 4.486Kg Joe white Crystal 0.641Kg Simpson Chocolate 0.064Kg...
  14. Wolfman

    Kit Corona Recipe Please

    I am a Mash Brewer myself, but a couple of blokes I work with go to U Brew It. I want to show them how easy it is to do it at home.They are Corona lovers so I thought I'd make them one from kits and bits. The only problem is I don't have a recipe for this. I have checked the database andcan only...
  15. Wolfman

    Australia Day 2012. What's In Your Glass?

    What's in your glass for 2012 Aussie Day? Me I'm away on holidays so I have a selection of South Aussie's finest craft beers. Here's my list: Myponga brewery Sparkling aleMyponga brewery pale ale Myponga brewery smooth lager Goodieson brewery pilsnerGoodieson brewery pilsnerGoodieson brewery...
  16. Wolfman

    South Aussie Breweries

    Hey all I'm heading off on an adventure to South Aussie.I'm looking for some breweries to visit whilst Im over there, can you recommendany for me? Im over at KI for a week then to Hahndorf/ Adelaide, Barossa for a couple of days and down the Yorke for a week. Other activities while holidaying...
  17. Wolfman

    Name Change

    Gday All. Just wanting to let everyone know I have changed my user name from shan0066 to Wolfman. I have done this because when I joined AHB I did not have a name for my Brewery. Next to come is a logo and of cause a catch phrase. Cheers Wolfman
  18. Wolfman

    Dr Smurtos With A Twist

    Het All, Going to do a Dr Smurtos golden ale but instead of the amarillo i'm going to use Summer Sazz. Should I use more at one step or less? Whats ya thoughts? Cheers
  19. Wolfman

    Door To Door Sales Man

    Had a knock at the door today. This is what happened: Knock knock knock at the door. Hi my names nick. Shannon. Hi nick. Nick. I'm from blah blah blah doing blah blah blah. what are you up to today? S. Making beer. N. Really? I'm from Belgium and we like beer. Your beer here in...
  20. Wolfman

    New Grain Mill

    Hey all. Just about to use my new grain mill and i havn't thought about what size to crush the grain at. Now I am using BIAB if that makes an differance? Cheers Shan