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  1. Eddy Monsoon

    Cleaning Bottles Tip

  2. Eddy Monsoon

    HELP ! 6 cans of Morgans Australia Bitter

    Aledgedly a great VB style beer Bloke on Gumtree sold off all his stuff cheap. Included 6 cans of this. I'll brew 1 as per the instructions, but need some suggestions for the rest. Clone recipes ? Two-can combo ? Dry hop ?
  3. Eddy Monsoon

    Tinsel Toes missing ingredients

    I've bought some kits cheap off gumtree Of course, one of them is missing a hop sachet. Anyone know or have a guess at whats in it ?
  4. Eddy Monsoon

    Just One Super Frothy ??

    I was 2/3 of the way through a normal batch of Tallies. Then I get one bottle that just froths away as soon as I opened it. So I fill my Glass with Froth, and quickly have to grab a 2nd and then a 3rd I'm left with about 1/4 a bottle when the Froth stopped Can anyone give me an explanation...
  5. Eddy Monsoon

    Christmas Beer

    Should've started sooner I know, but I'm going to have a go at this recipe, would like any tips and thoughts 23 Litres 1kg DME 1kg Brown Sugar 500 g Ginger 1 Dozen Cloves 1 Cinnamon Roll It doesn't need to be strong, just a topical brew I can force guests to be polite about. Also what yeast...