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  1. Gazza1958

    65l Brewzilla Has anyone tried

    Has anyone tried to use a grainfather Bluetooth controller on a 65l brewzilla 3v if so what temperature probe did you use the grainfather or tap in to the brewzilla probe
  2. Gazza1958

    Grainfather need recipe to clear grain fridge help

    Brew in a Grainfather need recipe to clear grain fridge --------------------- would like to make 1 choc stout 2 IPA hoppy 3 light session beer what would you make help please and boil times ------------------ Pale Carmel 1kg Dingemans special n malt = 1kg Weyermann Caramunich 2 = 2kg Special...
  3. Gazza1958

    Stephen Hawking dead at 76

    Stephen Hawking is the former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge R.I.P
  4. Gazza1958

    For Sale Braumeister 20 Litres For Sale

    For Sale Braumeister 20 Liters I brought this on the 19 /1 / 2014 from Grain and Grape for $ 2500.00 I have use twice and I need to sell due to illness I will take $2150.00 cash can arrange post or transport at your cost all payments will be bank deposit only Please send message and ill send...
  5. Gazza1958

    Could some one tell me what hops these are please

    sorry if this is the wrong place please move could some one tell me what hops these are ** Note i just found the paper and it says Cascade and Golding just not sure witch is witch thanks Garry
  6. Gazza1958

    Carboy Hood

    hi dose anyone know were in adelaide i can get 3 Carboy Hoods i have tried heaps of stores and no one has or out of stock thanks
  7. Gazza1958

    Westinghouse 700L Chest Freezer WCM7000WC

    Build a Chest Freezer Kegerator Westinghouse 700L Chest Freezer WCM7000WC Features: Lightweight spring loaded lid * NO Removable baskets no * Width (mm) 1695 Height (mm) 933 Depth (mm) 747 $600 pick up in adelaide can deliver metor or to depo small fee