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  1. Truman42

    Bottling beer thats been carbed with Nitro?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has kegged and carbed up a beer using nitro and then managed to bottle using a CPBF with that nitro beer? Im thinking of buying a small nitro setup but wait to bottle a few beers to give to mates etc?
  2. Truman42

    Dippers backyard BBQ wars- amateur brewers.

    Did anyone on here get picked for season 2? They were looking for amateur brewers to appear on the show. (Ive removed the contact details as its now closed.)
  3. Truman42

    3d printer for mill output hopper

    Does anyone here have a 3D printer and could make a hopper to go below a grain mill on the output side? A guy on Fb was making them but dont know what happened as I havent seen any around.
  4. Truman42

    Strange taste in beer from wheat

    Hi Brewers, Has anyone ever ended up with a strange sort of floury or paper taste in a beer where they have used flaked wheat or even wheat malt? I recently brewed a pacific ale clone and it has this floury or papery after taste which at first I thought was oxidation as I pulled my Ispindel in...
  5. Truman42

    Oxidation Problem

    Ive never had an oxidation issue before, that I could detect anyway. I just recently brewed a stone and wood clone and every sample I tried tasted like wet cardboard. My son actually noticed it as well. At first I thought it was the yeast still in suspension but after cold crashing it’s still...
  6. Truman42

    CPBF stem too long

    I brought this CPBF from Kegland and tried to use it tonight but the stem is too long for small bottles or even Grolsch bottles. If I move the rubber stopper down it doesnt seal as its internal hole diameter is wide enough to suit the top tube. To be honest I cant see what the point of the top...
  7. Truman42

    In line regulator and gauge

    Does anyone know if you can use these with a soda stream bottle and a CPBF?
  8. Truman42

    FS: Pick up Lyndhurst Vic- Grain mill and motor

    I have this awesome grain mill and motor for sale all mounted ready to go. The rollers have belts on them so they both drive. $120 ONO
  9. Truman42

    Using co2 bottles in different locations?

    hi guys what’s the best way to setup my co2 bottle and regulator so I can disconnect it from my kegerator and take it into the brewery to pressure transfer into a keg from the fermenter? Are those duotight fittings designed to connect and disconnect regularly?
  10. Truman42

    Supplier of an accurate thermometer.

    Hi brewers, Anyone know where I can get an accurate thermometer to calibrate everything else I use in my brewery? I had a good digital one that I calibrated in iced water at 0° but I’m not sure I trust it at boiling temp as it’s out by a few degrees. It shows 98°.
  11. Truman42

    Good micro-breweries to visit in Sydney?

    Hi Brewers, Im heading to Sydney next weekend and keen to visit some micro breweries. Any suggestions for whats decent in and around the main CBD? Also are there any that we could perhaps jump on a ferry and head over to that would be within walking distance to where the ferry lands? Cheers
  12. Truman42

    200-400 litre stainless fermenter/Unitank from KK or KL

    Hi brewers, does anyone own or know of anyone that has a 200 or 400 litre stainless fermenter/ Unitank from either Keg king or Keg land? Curious to hear what their thoughts are on build quality etc.
  13. Truman42

    For Sale Melb- 50 litre mash tun with false bottom

    50 litre mash tun stainless false bottom stainless valve on outlet drains from the bottom, no dead space. inlet elbow to suit recirculating system. glass lid $70 ONO
  14. Truman42

    For sale Melb- 50 Litre HLT with 2 elements

    50 litre HLT with.. 2 x 2200 watt elements sight tube valve with cam lock fitting (Or can fit barb instead) temp sensor port (needs new sensor) $70 ONO
  15. Truman42

    Beer stuff for sale Melb

    Plate chiller Will pull wort down to around 20-25C $30 Keg King thermowell $20 Beer taps with shanks $15 each 4 way gas valve $20 Fire extinguisher with dip tube removed (Keg king will refill this) $20 2 inch copper tube 1.5 m long with needle valve and condenser coil. make and...
  16. Truman42

    2 x corny kegs for sale- Melb

    $75 each ONO pick up Dandenong/ Cranny area (lids included)
  17. Truman42

    3v herms, pid controller, HLT, Mash tun, for sale Melb.

    Hi Guys, Time to sell off "most" of my 3V herms system Included is the following Brew controller HLT PID and Mash PID programmable for step mashes etc. Over temp and time alarms (lights and audible) 2 power supply cables so you can run them from different circuits in your house. HLT and herms...
  18. Truman42

    Downgrading from 3v herms to BIAB or Robobrew?

    Howdy brewers, After almost 10 years of brewing and building up my system from a simple BIAB setup to a 3v herms system Im now looking at downgrading back to a more simple setup. The 3v herms has done me well but I dont brew as much as I used to because I dont drink as much anymore. The 3V...
  19. Truman42

    Red rye IPA Clone recipe using Red X

    Howdy brewers. Im trying to copy a clone recipe for a Red rye IPA. I know it uses Red X, Dark crystal, Munich and Rye. It has an EBC of 58. This is what Ive come up with so far. I cant seem to get close to the EBC of 58 however. Any suggestions on the %s of the grain? Recipe Specifications...
  20. Truman42

    Does PBW lose its effectiveness over time?

    Howdy brewers. Ive got some PBW in a container which is over 12 months old possibly older. (Havent brewed since April last year.) I used it the other day and noticed that it didn't produce any foam or bubbles like it normally would. The water went cloudy but that was it. Does this stuff lose...