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    Bridgeport Kingpin - Triple Hopped, Double Red Ale

    Only 3 times what we pay for it here.
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    Stirplate For Fermenter?

    How? A fermentor should be a closed vessel. Once the yeast use up the O2 and start pooping CO2 where is the risk of oxidation coming from. As to stirring fermenting wort. One advantage to using glass fermentors is being able to see what happens. Have a video clip of a beer fermenting...
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    How To Test A Fridge Thermostat?

    Easy fix if it works. Unplug it and let it defrost for a day or 2. Have read many times about this and even tried it once. Seems like the flap or flaps get iced up and do not work correctly. Sometimes normal defrost does not do it. May even be the control that is iced up. The fridge side...
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    Dry Hoping With Nochill

    No chill fast chill no difference when dry hopping. I use leaf hops so just drop them in after it is done fermenting. Pellets may be different and I can not say. I never worry about gravity when dry hopping. I am not concerned if my beer sets an extra week in the fermentor anyway.
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    Can You Half Fill Kegs?

    Being from the USA I guess I am kind of weird. But hey CO2 is cheep here as we need to get rid of as much as we can. I always purge the empty keg with CO2 before filling. Then burp it several times before force carbing. I also only brew enough to put in a keg. If I brewed a one and a half...
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    Fixing Busted Gauge's On Regulators

    Sounds like you need to get the cage that goes around the guages. Link hear.
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    50l Keg Conversion Concerns.

    Lots of people question how the big breweries do it. A few things to remember. They have a dedicated space, special equipment, and proven chemicals for just cleaning kegs. They also have kegs that have been designed to be cleaned. Once we start changing those kegs, even if done well, they...
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    50l Keg Conversion Concerns.

    Some real interesting reading over the years about infections in brew equipment and ball valves. Even heated kettles have had infected valves. On the bright side, you are mostly using clean beer as opposed to dirty grain. I would evaluate the cost of upgrading to a lost 50 liter batch. Same...
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    Broken Temperature Controller

    Lots harder to do then just use a plug in controller. A person needs to understand how the unit works to get it right. It can be as easy as getting power to the compressor or much harder. The unit may have pressure switches to keep things from burning up and fans to control besides turning on...
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    Broken Temperature Controller

    A temperature controller used on a fridge or freezer only turns the thing on or off. If it will not work now, it will not work latter. You may be able to get it fixed or google and see if you can put in a new controller or wire around it. You still need to get the thing to cool at least when...
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    Temperature Of Boiling Wort?

    Couple of things. There is more in Wort then sugar. Not surprised the calculators for sugar water may be off. Glass stick thermometers need to be stored correctly or they go off. The one I have is supposed to be vertical. I guess the fluid moves in the column and that changes the reading...
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    Bridgeport Kingpin - Triple Hopped, Double Red Ale

    Kingpin is a good heavy red. If you want an IPA go for Hop Czar. I hate IPA's and am kind of disappointed you would consider Kingpin as one. I realize there are differences in taste from what we on the US west coast think of as an everyday IPA. Just can not think of Kingpin as any kind of...
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    First Smash Brew And Experiment With Late Additions

    Same question. Dry hopping has nothing to do with actual IBUs.
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    Converting A Commercial Beer Keg For Biab?

    So were they 40 each or for the pair? 40 each is not bad here in the usa. 40 for the pair is stealing.
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    Converting A Commercial Beer Keg For Biab?

    Bigger then you think. Hold on while I go measure mine. ................................................................................ ........ About 14 inches. Or for you odd people that can not deal with real measurements, 36 cm. I would look at the kegs first.
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    Converting A Commercial Beer Keg For Biab?

    I did the standard cut a circle in the top and can say it works great for BIAB as long as you cut as large of a circle as you can get a lid to fit. Mine worked out to about a 3 cm lip and used an enameled lid from a canner. Not sure where you can find a donor lid. Some use the part that was...
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    Beer In Co2 Line

    A non-return valve or check valve will not stop the beer from coming out of a gassed keg and flowing through the tee to the un-gassed keg. It will only keep the beer from flowing into the regulator. Sounds as it the regulator may already have the valve (best to check for sure). Sounds also...
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    Filling From Font?

    Cold bottles will foam less. Same with cold beer. I always put the bottles in the freezer before filing from the keg. Do one or 2 test bottles so you know how much foam you want to leave in the bottle so when capped and settled they are the correct fill level. Follow the advice of dropping...
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    Mash Thickness - Biab

    I BIAB because it is easy. I think you are getting too nerdy. If you want to sparge go 3 vessel and get it over with. If you want to BIAB then just follow the advice of old and add your grain bill to enough water at the correct temp, hold that temp for 60 to 90 minutes, raise the temp for a...
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    Open Lme

    If it is bad you will know it as stuff will be growing in it and it may fizz all over the place. Would boil it for a bit to kill anything that is in it. If it is hopped, boiling will change the hop character. Do not need to go crazy, just need to keep it at 100C for about 10 minutes or so, a...