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    Font For Sale

    2 tap Andale beer font for sale. Including: 2 Andale swinger snaplock taps, snaplocks and a drip tray. $250 pick up in Adelaide.
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    Little Creatures

    Does anyone know if this brew has been changed overthe last few years? It sure as hell aint as good as it used to be.
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    Who Stole It?

    Who in Adelaide stole themselves a new fermenter? August 06, 2008 11:30am POLICE are investigating a very large robbery - of a fat vat. The 1400-litre stainless steel vat was stolen from a McLaren Vale winery, possibly for its scrap metal value. Police said the vat was first noticed to be...
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    Does Coppers Use Sugar

    Does Coopers use sugar in their beers?
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    I Spent My Last $10

    Just wondering if anyone had an mp3 on their computer called " I spent my last $10 on birth control and beer " by two nice girls ? Its decided to stop working on my computer a few years ago and ive never been able to find it since. Please. Its beer related (sort of).
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    Beer Taps

    In the Celli tap thread its mentioned that with forward sealing taps the beer thats in the tap will go sour and the first part of the pour needs to be thrown out. Could someone please explain why the beer thats in the tap will go sour?
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    Finings In Keg

    Ive got a couple of kegs that I want to be clear for a show next weekend. Can I add gelatin finings to the kegs? The kegs are already gassed.
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    Stainless Fermenter

    Just wondering how many people are using a 50L beer keg as a fermenter? I made one yesterday as I left my plastic fermenter in the sun and it started breaking. I brew inside of a chest freezer thats on shopping trolley wheels and is fairly high and then from there i can siphon it into kegs...
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    Beer Kegs In Adelaide

    2 beer kegs for sale. These kegs are pin lock. Have been used for beer for the last few years and I replaced all seals and poppets after I bought them. Im after $90 for the pair. Pick up only, Tea Tree Gully area.
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    Recipe Wanted

    After reading the topic "Time out from Drinking" i am chasing a recipe for a full flavoured low alcohol beer. This is going to be my way of drinking less. I can still drink beer but take in less alcohol so its a win - win situation for the body and for me. During winter I dont drink much...
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    Vb And Tooheys New Is Better Than Imports!,23599,22109933-2,00.html Surely we cant all be wrong.
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    Lobethal Beerhouse

    The lobethal brewery is on Discover at 5:30 pm today on channel 7 in SA.
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    Beer Tap

    Swing type beer tap for sale with huge Tooheys tap top $20
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    Andale Floryte Tap

    Andale Floryte Tap for sale with lock in shank. $50.
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    Cider Suggestions

    Id like to know how to make a cider. I have: 30kgs of grannies 15 kgs of red delicious 15 kgs of pears Can I just juice them and add an ale yeast?
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    Snap Lock Couplings For Sale

    Ive got a heap of theses 3/4 snaplok couplings for sale. Im after $10 per female coupler ( suits beer fonts) and $5 per male. I have 9 females and 6 male couplings for sale. Also have manifold to suit couplings. Im after $20 for it without couplings. It will take up to five couplings.
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    Beer Rating Site

    I found this site on the net tonight. TED'S rated at number 1. Hmmh Its about time homebrewers got onto the site and got ratings in the right order It goes to show how good some companies are at marketing
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    Coopers Mild Ale Recipe

    Id like to make a beer similar to coopers mild ale. I have a can of coopers pale, recultured pale yeast, saaz and P.O.R. finishing hops and 1kg of wheat malt. Just wondering how much wheat malt to put in it?
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    How Long Does A Keg Last You?

    Just wondering how long it takes for you to consume a keg? I usually get up to 3 weeks from one (19L)
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    New Keg Fridge

    Heres a couple of pics of my new keg fridge. I was using a chest freezer for a few years but it recently died and I've been unable to find another at the right price. I was given this upside down fridge. It would fit four kegs if the taps were through the door but as I no longer have door...