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    Mathos controller

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on converting one of mathos controllers into a fermentation fridge controller?
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    Motion dynamics speed control wiring

    Hey guys cant find my wiring diagram and just wondering if anyone has the sc2+ board so i can wire mine up Cheers
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    Mathos Arduino controller - adding time delay

    Just wondering if anyone has or is thinking of putting a time delay in controller to delay brewing start?
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    First Ag

    Hey guys, firstly have to thank everyone for the great info that they place on the forum. Completed first AG no chill today of a DR Smurtos Golden Ale, smelt fantastic. Attached are some pics as I went along, hit all my targets as per beersmith soo I think it went pretty smooth overall
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    Heating Element

    Hey guys tried installing a 2400w element from a kettle today into my keggle conversion Cant get it to seal anyone have any ideas? What else are people using? Are the craftbrewer ones ok?
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    Any Ag Brewers In Albury / Wodonga Region

    Looking at starting AG, been doin K & K recipies for a while and want to make a step up. Just want to talk bout setups, where ya got ya gear and any tips. Even possibly look at your setups during a brew day
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    Biab Questions

    I see reciepes everywhere, just one question. How do you know what grains to put in with what and how much? do you just experiment or is there some logic to the madness? im looking at doing 20L litre batches to fill my fermenter. any help would be great.
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    New Brew I Just Taste Tested

    Jusy tapped a keg of one that I carb'd on from Sunday till now. 1 X Tin Cascade Spicey Ghost 1 KG Brewsier Liquid Sugar 500G Light Dried Malt After such a short time i think this has come out awesome, cant wait for it to sit a while. If it lasts that long.
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    Keg Dimensions

    Does anyone happen to know the approximate measurements of a CUB keg incl coupler H x W x D Cheers
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    Morgans Stockmans Draught Receipe

    i have a tin of Morgans Stockmans Draught and was just wondering if anyone has made any good brews with it and if so have you added anything special?? Im after any tips that could make it from a good K&K beer to a great one cheers
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    Why does my brew lose its head quickly after being poured? I have the beer in kegs, gassed to a little under 100kpa Pours a nice 1/2" head but is gone within 30 secs. any help would be great
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    Font Fittings

    Hey everyone, relatively new to this. I have a Lancer Pacific cobra 2 pull font but its bare (no fittings) can anyone help me out on what fittings I would need to put two snaplock fittings onto it. cheers matt