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    [sa] Free - Chest Freezer

    Got an old - read : old - retro chest freezer. Thing has sat out in the shed for a while, I dont know if it runs, but last time i knew it did. Probably would suit a cleanup and new compressor. Id think it would fit about 6-8 kegs in there, but havent measured it to know for sure. If you want...
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    [adl] Jw Amber Malt

    Howdy, Ive got an excess supply of JW amber malt i wont use, so was wondering if anyone in SA wants some. ive got 20kg here total edit/ $1.50/kg let me know how much u want. Pickup in Adelaide only im sorry, as i cbf posting grain. cheers. :icon_cheers:
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    Minimum Membership Time / Posts For Trading

    Just wondering if mods have thought about adding a time limit / post limit to stop new ppl from just registering on here and selling their items. Lately there seems to be a huge number of newbies (<10posts) selling items on here. Im not saying its unfair, but it seems some people are just using...
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    [adl] Brewcraft @ Hampstead Closed?

    Went past the other day and it looks like that homebrew shop on Hampstead road is closing down? Only leaves Bill @ Brewmaker on Nth east Rd open in the northern suburbs as far as im aware? Bit of a shame to see another shop shut down...even if it is a brewcraft one...
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    Which Dimension For 50lt Kettle?

    Howdy, Setting up my AG equipment atm, and ive got 2 sizes of 50Lt pots to choose from, but was wondering which shape was better for using as either the HLT and the wort boiler... Basically ive got 2 50Lt pots shown below in my amazing photshop skills... Ive got 2 of the left side size...
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    Pilsener Partial

    Howdy, Ive got a Pilsener here ready to go down but i would like to use some specialy grains in it. So far ive got: 1x 1.7kg Coopers Brewmaster Pilsener 1x 1.5kg Coopers LME and some Czech hops What grains can i use to steep? Also what would be a good yeast? Im thinking of trying Swiss...
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    Caramalt And Amber Malt

    Hi ive got a bit of grain here and was wondering what to use em for... I know amber malt has a signiture biscuity flavour/aroma but was wondering what beer(s) to use it in? Same with the caramalt... thanks. :party:
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    Pride Of Ringwood Hop Pellets

    Hi guys, Ive bought a bulk supply of POR pellets (to get some cheap for myself) so ive got a bit extra left over. These are fresh (smells strong, and is being kept in the freezer atm) Just wondering who would like some? Ive got a couple of KG left over, so i can supply either 90gm or 450gm...
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    Can U Stop Fermentation?

    Hi, Im looking for a way to stop fermentation on a cider im looking at making soon. I would like some sweetness left in it, as i dont want a very dry cider. Was just wondering if there was a safe way to do this? If not i'll have to make up some raspberry syrup to go with it.... Might get a...
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    My Brewstand Plans

    I thought id post a rough plan of my brewstand. Ive had a think about how others do it, and looked around. One thing i liked was the 1 level brewstands, but didnt want to have to deal with pumps and plumbing (more things to clean?) I liked the gravity fed systems, but didnt like the idea of...
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    30lt / 60lt Fermenter

    Just thought id tell u guys that i was in the local place and they have 30 and 60 Lt "water containers" that are the exact same as the fermenters with the screw top lids $19 for the 30Lt $29? for the 60Lt ones I'll be picking up one as a spare fermentor...
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    Double Choc Milk Stout Recipe Help!

    Ive searched for a good double choc milk stout recipe, however most on here and other sites are either one or the other. Im not after a bitter choc, more of the other way preferably. Can anyone help me out getting a good partial together, and how to get a good choc hit without adding anything...
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    3 Ring Burner Prices?

    Hi, i went into the local camping shop today to check out the pricing of their cast iron burners. They had 2 ring ones in there, but no 3 ring ones. I enquired the price of the 3 ring cast iron burners, and she told me that they are $39 and would be in stock on this monday. Is this a good...
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    Coopers Malt Extract Cans

    Can someone tell me (who has used them before) how full the can is supposed to be? The last brew i did that got infected consisted of the light malt extract shown below. When i opened the can it wasnt full to the top like the kit cans usually are, and was about an inch from the top. I would have...
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    Posts Not Showing

    When i open a thread now i can only see the origional post, and the replies are just linked down the bottom. Is there a setting ive changed, or is it the board? I like it the way it was... :( Nevermind, i changed the post view from outline to me stupid
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    Joe White Premium Malt

    Just got some malt off a mate, and its from Joe White. The bag says "Premium malt" :blink: Can anyone tell me what sort of malt this is? And what sort of beer could i use it for in a partial, or AG recipe?
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    Vinegar Smell...1 Week In The Fermenter

    Hi guys, Got a batch i just put down.. 1 x 1.7kg Thomas coopers Premium selection Lager 1x 1.5kg Coopers Light malt extract Saflager W34/70 I cleaned and sterilised everything as per normal. Made sure i used the sodium Met. that i have Basically got the extracts dissolved in boiling water...
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    Crown Lager Style Brew

    Was going to do a brew for my uncle who wanted something like crown lager.... I was thing of using something like 1 can x coopers heritage lager 1 can x coopers light liquid malt 1x pack saflager w34/70 Anyone care to suggest anything (regards making it better / worse or using something...
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    Freezer Without Temp Controller

    Ive got a large chest freezer @ home, and was wanting to use it to lager my...well lager. Im fermenting in my fridge with a fridgemate already, but I havent got money for another temp controller (just yet) to set it to the 2 deg. i want to lager @. I was wondering if i could just plug it in to...
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    Anyone Used These To Bottle Their Beer? Would be expensive to get enough to bottle 23L of beer :blink: