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  1. Roosterboy

    Equipment Wanted WANTED TAPCOOLER counter pressure bottle filler

    Hi All, If anyone has a kegking TAPCOOLER counter pressure bottle filler they don't use and would like to sell, send me a message 0434875901.... Kegking haven't had them in stock for a long time. Thanks Peter
  2. Roosterboy

    Coming up from South East Melbourne into NSW in the next few days and can transport equipment?

    If anyone is coming up from the South East side of Melbourne in the next few days and has room to transport a large piece of brewing equipment ( 120cm x 50 cm 120 cm ) that can't really be wrapped but it isn't that heavy , into NSW , I can meet you somewhere, I would pay for your help. Thanks
  3. Roosterboy

    Is there any place in NSW that sells new 50 L commercial kegs (empty) ?

    Does anyone know where you can buy 50 L commercial beer kegs ? I don't want to lease but buy. Thanks
  4. Roosterboy

    Has anyone had experience with the multiparameter meters

    Just wanting to know if anyone has bought a multiparameter meter - ie pH , TDS , Conductivity , salinity .. They range in price from about $80 including (cal solutions )up to several hundred dollars. I don't want a random number generator so willing to spend $200- $300 . Thanks
  5. Roosterboy

    Home Brew Posters

    I have over a dozen Home Brew Posters , nearly all of them are enclosed in plastic. Prefer to sell all of them together . Great for a home bar. The POSTERS are $50 for all of them. I also have hard framed , still in plastic, marketing material for TOOHEYS KITS (2 of these) and MALT SHOVEL...
  6. Roosterboy

    How do you rate Crankandstein mills compared to others ?

    For those who have bought one, do you think they are worth the money ? Thanks
  7. Roosterboy

    Has anyone bought any equipment off Newera Brewing lately ?

    I've been trying to get in contact with them without any luck , I suspect the company has changed hands in the last 12 months , wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting in contact lately ?
  8. Roosterboy

    Speidel Braumeister Fermentegg

    Just wondering if anyone has used any of these plastic fermenters ? Or know of someone who has used them , there are no reviews I can find. Thanks
  9. Roosterboy

    Used grain for farmers.

    I was talking to a farmer from out west NSW who says they are even using waste from lolly factories to feed their stock. Anything with energy in it . Spent grain is really useful not so much for any sugars that may be left but the rotting grain produces a massive biomass that ruminants can...
  10. Roosterboy

    Has there ever been a White Labs bulk buy for Vault yeast ?

    Why don't we use our bulk buying power to release some yeasts from the Vault ? I haven't bought direct from White Labs , for those that have , what do you think ? What are your thoughts ? Even if a supplier took a cut it would be worth it to have some released that we don't see in Australia.
  11. Roosterboy

    50 mL & 15 mL Sterile centrufuge tubes for yeast

    I have excess polypropylene gamma irradiated centrifuge tubes. They are autoclavable , graduated with an area for labels. 15 mL x 50 in a foam rack (great for storing salvaged yeast) - $18.00 50 mL x 25 in a bag ( great for slants or long term storage of yeast ) - $ 11.50 Postage to most places...
  12. Roosterboy

    Wanted ; double or single wine barrel rack .

    I'm after a double or single or 2 x single wine barrel - 225 L rack . New or second hand. Metal ones appear to be what industry use. I can get them from Victoria or SA but shipping is a killer. Pick up from anywhere within a 80 km radius of Shellharbour.
  13. Roosterboy

    Shipping tanks from the US , cost ???

    Looking at shipping a 300 L MT and a 450 L Kettle from the USA. Just wondering what experience others have had at shipping tanks in and what is a reasonable price to ship from Oregon to the East Coast (Sydney) Australia. Thanks in advance
  14. Roosterboy

    Where to get 225-250L wine barrel racks?

    Anyone know where to get the metal wine barrel racks for 225-250 L wine barrels in NSW or Victoria? Thanks
  15. Roosterboy

    German made Borosilicate glass bubbles

    I was at a very interesting talk by a German scientific glass blower. His town in Germany has all the expertise in this specialist field. 200 families . I have tried to describe how HIGH a quality German made borosilicate glass flasks are without much luck on this forum. Anyhow he now targets...
  16. Roosterboy

    How about some Co-Op brewery shares for ya dad on Father's Day

    Australia's first Co-Op Brewery is after some more share holders. If your in NSW , $250 can get you 5 x $50 shares in a soon to be operating brewery. Go to or Facebook for more info.
  17. Roosterboy

    Gerry hates Amazon, so how will it change Home Brew ?

    Gerry Harvey has recently been warning against Amazon. How it operates on such small margins but in doing so , removes the competition. Amazon sells lots of Home Brew equipment. I think the wholesalers and retailers who have bulk quantities of equipment are going to find life a lot harder when...
  18. Roosterboy

    What about this- an AHB freight thread ?

    What about a thread where is you need something transported and a member is going that way , members bid to take it .
  19. Roosterboy

    Quick survey; what's you favourite kit ?

    I haven't used a `kit for several years now but when I started I used Coopers , then I moved onto Morgans. If I were asked what's the best kit to buy for the quality of beer it makes at the lowest price ( taking everything else out of the equation ie temperature control, hops, yeast...
  20. Roosterboy

    I want to buy Lab grade Binocular Mioscope.

    If anyone bought a good quality microscope but never got around to using it and wants to sell, private message me. Thanks