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  1. LiquidGold

    Food Gardening

    Store your airtight seed box in a pantry or somewhere dark and cool with minimum temp and humidity fluctuations. The hardest thing I've found with growing food from seed is keeping up with the succession planting/sowing needed to achieve a continuous harvest. We tend to put stems into soups...
  2. LiquidGold

    2018 Hop Plantations

    That's nuts, I'm in Brisbane and so far not even all of my plants have popped their heads up, seems very late and I think I may have let them get too dry over winter.
  3. LiquidGold

    How to dispose of spent grains?

    +1 for chooks and compost. I sometimes dry a heap of it out on flyscreens to store dry for chook feed instead of dumping the majority on the compost.
  4. LiquidGold

    Wild cider ferment

    Yeah after doing a bit more reading on pellicle formation I came to the same conclusion. I can't remember for certain if it was gulped but I don't think so. I remember thinking that it had to have been either in the air or in the apple juice since all I'd done was open the bottle and pour some...
  5. LiquidGold

    Wild cider ferment

    OK so a fair while back I had half a bottle of aldi apple juice left in the fridge and realised it had started fermenting by itself so I left it to ferment and was surprised by the fact it didn't taste too bad at all. I forgot about it in the back of my fridge but recently decided to rack off...
  6. LiquidGold

    Back sweetening Cider with Apple Juice, how much in keg?

    I made the mistake of trying to backsweeten a keg of overcarbonated (kept fermenting in keg) ginger beer with some sugar syrup and ended up losing at least 5 litres in a volcanic eruption. A sad day indeed although at the time I wasn't sure if it was the carbonation difference or temperature, so...
  7. LiquidGold

    Mini Keg Discussion / Mods / Show Off - Dedicated Thread

    I still haven't either. I'm waiting to find out if the one I got for my bro is also affected before I commit to sending any back. Hope there is no issue with being a bit slow on returns.
  8. LiquidGold

    Gday all from brissy

    If you want to bring the temp down you could always wrap a wet towel around the fermenter and point a fan at it which will cool through evaporation. Adding ice bricks around it might also help. Is the heat pad set up with a thermostat?
  9. LiquidGold

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    Taken from 'The Complete Chile Pepper Book'.
  10. LiquidGold

    750ml bottles to buy.

    I've also got some here at Samford, bit past Ferny Grove, bit of a drive from Manly though. De-labelled coopers tallies.
  11. LiquidGold

    Food Gardening

    Old carpet or geofabric work well
  12. LiquidGold

    Food Gardening

    I've grown basil in a deep water culture aquaponics setup with great results through summer so as long as there is enough oxygen and warmth they don't seem to mind wet feet. Not sure what is causing yours to be growing so poorly though. Nice setup by the way.
  13. LiquidGold

    Mini Keg Discussion / Mods / Show Off - Dedicated Thread

    Pretty sure its an adapter for a different size bulb
  14. LiquidGold

    PH meter buffering solution

    Yeah you're right, water temperature being the most obvious one but I wouldn't be surprised if there are other variables. Guess I'd be better off using a buffering solution after all, mind you I'm only using a cheap pH meter.
  15. LiquidGold

    PH meter buffering solution

    Interesting... I use potassium bicarbonate in my aquaponics to add potassium and raise pH. I'll be keeping that in mind and testing pH next time I make a cider. I actually cheat to calibrate my pH meter I simply check it against my water test kit and make sure it reads the same. Probably not...
  16. LiquidGold

    Hops books

    Not sure about being a bible but I have For the Love of Hops and it's very informative.
  17. LiquidGold

    Big Brother is now Watching You

    I've Found Private Internet Access pretty good since I've been using them, first and only VPN I've used though. Good to look for one that allows multiple devices so you can put your phone/laptop through it as well. Whichever one you go with its also a good idea to make sure they don't log the...
  18. LiquidGold

    Hop Dealz Australia

    I stored my hop shot in the freezer but just double checked the page and it says fridge storage only. Have I ruined my hop shot? Probably been in the freezer for a couple weeks. :unsure:
  19. LiquidGold

    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Nice looking perch there Dan, and that cascade crown is huge!