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  1. J

    Cider too strong

    Aussie Broomballer, how did it go watering your cider down? I'm in the same boat, love the taste but its a bit strong. John.
  2. J

    Woolworths apple juice

    G'day All, I'm still in Thailand goofing about brewing, my last one was a cider. I used 22 litres of apple juice, Malee brand juice and one litre of tea with four tea bags and Mangrove Jacks cider yeast, M02 in the red packet. FG was 1.000 and around 6.2% by my busted ar** calculations. Ended...
  3. J

    Brewing in Thailand

    G'day aster1, it's getting bigger. Admittedly most is made the long way, ie trendy new shops are setting up and are quite popular and also some hard core expats are brewing from scratch, a German mate has just flown back there to pick up some supplies that he's told me that aren't available here...
  4. J

    Brewing in Thailand

    G'day Pratty, thanks for the link, it'll help. I'm just using tap water that's been filtered a bit. I've been trying to attach a photo of what we use as a filter... Given up now.
  5. J

    Brewing in Thailand

    G'day, Just set up to brew my lager and cider in Thailand. I'm going the simple way for now with a can and dextrose. OK the question I have for some of the gurus here is this one... How much sugar/carbonation product goes into a 330ml, 500ml & 630ml bottle that they use here? I've asked a few...