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  1. Fraser's BRB

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    I recall the first time I had Fred was at Murray's brewery with a plate of spicy buffalo wings and blue cheese sauce. In that context it was brilliant. Cut through the grease and spiciness really nicely with a hoppy freshness. Have to stay, as a standalone beer, whilst it was still good, it...
  2. Fraser's BRB

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    The lineup from my service club's Beerfest last weekend (plus a Munich Dunkel of my own brewing not pictured). The deal is you have to drink all 10 beers before you're allowed to go back to any of them. Was a good night. Side note, the stein in the background has Miss Pinky in it, great...
  3. Fraser's BRB

    Whats In The Glass

    Left to right, ESB, Pacific Ale, Northern England Brown Ale. Started pouring and realised a photo opportunity was presenting itself:overhead:
  4. Fraser's BRB

    Keezer temp set point

    I run mine at 4.5 deg with a 1 deg lag. My probe is in a small plastic sealed test-tube filled with water and sitting in a small hollowed out piece of timber that is in turn magnetically attached to the keezer wall. It sits on the keezer wall about 3/4 of the way down. I was running a simple...
  5. Fraser's BRB

    Keg o-rings

    Thanks guys, I'll have a look.
  6. Fraser's BRB

    Keg o-rings

    So this thread answers half of my question, keg lid seal sorted. Does anyone have a link for where to get the 2 little nubs that go over the ends of the lid lever? See pic to compensate for my shitty description.
  7. Fraser's BRB

    Commercial Fridge: Yes or No?

    I'll give it a go.
  8. Fraser's BRB

    Commercial Fridge: Yes or No?

    I use one almost exactly the same, picked it up reconditioned off a fridgey mate for $200 (cost of parts), he'd gotten it for free not working. Upside, cheap, lots of space. But, I use it as a ferment fridge, not a kegerator. Downsides, must be outside because they're very noisy (not to...
  9. Fraser's BRB

    Keezer - ten tap bandit

    Following with interest. My keezer build was a great time. I admire your ambition, I struggle to keep my 4 keg/3 tap keezer stocked with full kegs, let alone that many. There's never enough brew days...
  10. Fraser's BRB

    FS - 6x Rheem/Mytton Rodd Kegs - NSW

    You do like a good impulse buy...
  11. Fraser's BRB

    A man, his wife and their toddler go to NZ...

    Sorry, just saw this. I guess I got really busy and stopped the updates, seems so long ago now. The short version, picking up from where I left of, is Queenstown really turned on the weather for us being beautifully sunny and warm during the days (I thought so anyway, the wife was still rugged...
  12. Fraser's BRB

    Lagering and bottle priming

    Thanks Gents, Kaiserben's options probably sounds closest to what I had in mind, I'll give it a go.
  13. Fraser's BRB

    Lagering and bottle priming

    So ordinarily when I brew a lager, I will rack off primary into a keg, put a little CO2 on top, seal it and then store at 1-2 deg C for several months before force carbonating and serving, works a treat. My question is, if I wanted to bottle the same lager and bottle condition it, would you...
  14. Fraser's BRB

    Alewife's and Witches.

    Interesting indeed. So but for the snazzy hat, I could be tried for witchcraft the next time the church whips up a good old fashioned Inquisition?
  15. Fraser's BRB

    NSW State comp 2017

    Huzzah! Shame I'm already booked that weekend, wanted to steward this year. Next year then.
  16. Fraser's BRB

    6 Consistant & favourite recipes of brewers.

    APA three ways (I have three different recipes that I rotate to keep myself interested) Dr Smurto's Golden Ale, have brewed this more than any other single recipe ESB Milk Stout IPA Wheat
  17. Fraser's BRB

    BREWMAN News

    Whichever comes out of your fridge first when I place my next order. It will be a couple of weeks before I get in to the lagers, need to get my Belgian Golden Strong brewed first along with some other general consumption brews. Lager runs tend to test my ability to keep three taps running at...
  18. Fraser's BRB

    A quick survery for those who have never entered a homebrew comp

    Whilst I've been in one comp, points 2 and 4 ring true for me. Many comps have limited notice periods (at least to those not with their finger on the pulse) which makes brewing schedules difficult. Drop off points make life simpler and allow a little extra time that postage doesn't.
  19. Fraser's BRB

    BREWMAN News

    1 x 2206 please, it's German lager run time!
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