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  1. O'Henry

    London Pubs (and Paris suggestions?)

    Don't go to the Gunmakers, it was sold and is nothing of what it was. Also, Bermondsey Beer Mile gets pretty busy from 2-6, but you can usually be comfortable at Partizan, so I would aim to get there last, doing the top half first then Four Pure, the come back up to Partizan. There are a few...
  2. O'Henry

    Style Of The Week 10/12/08 - Fruit Beers

    It depends a lot on the variety. I would aim for a minimum of 150g/l fruit, 200g if you can, and more of the rhubarb. It doesn't come through as well. Also, rhubarb's tartness is from malic acid, not lactic, so it may bring more sourness without as much of the fruit flavour. Strawberries have a...
  3. O'Henry

    Red wine barrel ageing beer

    How did you get on Ian? Did you end up using the barrel for beer?
  4. O'Henry

    Style Of The Week 10/12/08 - Fruit Beers

    Split batch? Can you do two 25 litre batches from the one brew?
  5. O'Henry

    Style Of The Week 10/12/08 - Fruit Beers

    I think you could do it either way, or split the difference and use Cal Common yeast. The effort of a lager would be hard to justify adding fruit to, especially if it is lagered for a while imo...
  6. O'Henry

    Style Of The Week 10/12/08 - Fruit Beers

    I'd probably put some grapefruit rind in, for the oils and punchy aromas. Not sure where though, whirlpool and secondary if needed? You thinking lager or ale?
  7. O'Henry

    London Pubs (and Paris suggestions?)

    K_K, how was the trip? Any gems to report?
  8. O'Henry

    Getting chocolate into a choc porter

    Do you have any commercial porters you like so we have a better idea of the flavour you are after? I think Pale Choc malt at around the same level as choc would help, drop the brown and marris down a few % to cover it.
  9. O'Henry

    London Pubs (and Paris suggestions?)

    I totally missed out the southhampton arms in Kentish Town. If you are keen for cask beer, you must go here. Great place, that sign outside just says 'Ale, cider, meat'. Can't go wrong. 10 ales, 7 ciders, and only two beers in keg. Euston Tap has a huge selection but too often the beers are...
  10. O'Henry

    London Pubs (and Paris suggestions?)

    Beavertown - Dukes Brew and Que, burger and rib joint, official home of Beavertown Kernel - Brewery Tap Room Saturday only 9am-2pm Brew by Numbers - Tap Room Saturday only 10am-5pm Partizan - Tap Room Saturday only 11am-5pm Redemption - no taproom, but widely available Camden Town Brewery -...
  11. O'Henry

    London Pubs (and Paris suggestions?)

    Breweries in London whose beer you should look for, in no order: Beavertown Kernel Brew by Numbers Partizan Redemption Camden Town Brewery Fullers (obvz) Places to drink, again in no order: North: Earl of Essex The Black Heart The Taproom East: Cock Tavern The Fox Dukes Brew and Que Crate...
  12. O'Henry

    Craft Beer Rising

    If this hasn't already got a thread, it is on this Saturday (22/02) around the place. http://www.craftbeerrising.com.au/ Maybe some impromptu AHB meetups?
  13. O'Henry

    Bright Brewery

    Ask the brewer. You can email him or PM him on here if he reveals himself...
  14. O'Henry

    Introducing the perlick growler filler

    I saw these in the trade last week, so I am assuming they are available somewhere. Edit: in Sydney
  15. O'Henry

    Cask and Hand-pump

    While some people have been using CO2 to replace the head space in casks, this is still regarded by CAMRA as unacceptable practise, as any extraneous CO2 is not allowed. I personally think using CO2 at minimal pressure to minimise beer deterioration is a great thing, and that CAMRA are an...
  16. O'Henry

    New Beer Event Calendar

    A friend sent me a link for this, thought it may be handy. Looks like it is for mainly Sydney, but could be a great resource if user generated input was strong for everyone. Sure there are other sites that do similar things, but hopefully this one will be regularly updated and used...
  17. O'Henry

    Feral Hop Hog gone bad

    What a joke on the shelf life from Woolies. That shit is why they should not be selling beer. 6 months is more realistic for most craft beer, and even that is generous. Fresh is Best. /rant
  18. O'Henry

    new hop hog

    I thought Hop Hog was all Aussie hops for the last two years.
  19. O'Henry

    Summer Saaz Saison

    Pacifica or Hersbrucker. They work well in saisons.
  20. O'Henry

    First time lagering - quick question

    After diacetyl rest you should drop the temp to 4C till one week before packaging, when it should be dropped to -1C. At 4C the beer may ferment a small amount more, -1C for a week is enough time to drop more yeast and protein if it has already been 4C. That said, if lagering for more than 4...
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