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  1. brendanos

    Tasmanian Maltsters

    Not "finished up" insomuch as paused. He's planning on getting set up in Melbourne once he's settled in. We've started some small-batch trials just in the last few weeks at 3 Ravens - I'll be trialing our first batch on pale malt at a Grain & Grape demo on the 9th of September, and we'll be...
  2. brendanos

    Quality of base malts

    JW Ale is tops for homebrewing. JW Pils can have a candy sweetness which may not be to everyone's taste. Malteurop Pale or Barret Burston Pale are good local lager malts if you can get them. Gladfield from NZ have a tasty range of specialty malts, and their base malts seem to give up their...
  3. brendanos

    Sad lager s23

    Lager yeasts are, for the most part, harder to use than ale yeasts (particularly the bulletproof US05) - attention to pitching rates, nutrition, oxygen and fermentation profile is critical for a desirable ferment. I have had very pleasant results with S23 - quite fruity but otherwise very clean...
  4. brendanos


    Such spelling. So conversation. Many +ops.
  5. brendanos

    Good restaurants with good beer lists -Melbourne

    Rockwell & Sons The Builders Arms (bistro or restaurant) or Moon Under Water (fine dining) - you can request the Moon Under Water list (a lot more bottled options) anywhere in the Hotel Nice pubs - The Napier Fitzroy (classy pub food), The Gertrude Hotel Fitzroy, Park Hotel Werribee (possibly...
  6. brendanos

    Oh, look! It's the ANHC Homebrew Competition!

    FWIW the single bottle wine boxes at Aus Post are $3.85 - pretty good value IMO. Most working Australians would earn that in a few minutes - probably a lot better value than the money (and more importantly time) it would take to fashion your own packaging (unless you're a die hard Aussie Home...
  7. brendanos

    Oh, look! It's the ANHC Homebrew Competition!

    How much beer do you need?
  8. brendanos

    Peat Smoked Malt

    Thanks mate that was mine! 100% peated malt mashed around 66, 1.060, simcoe or mosaic hops 40 - 50 BU with 3g/L at EOB and scottish ale yeast! G&G have a copy of it on Promash in the shop.
  9. brendanos

    First recipe - Simco/Mosaic pale ale

    In my experience with BIAB you get more protein and polyphenol from the fine grinds/flour that gets through the bag (as opposed to lautering/recirculation where most solids are filtered out) which will lead to a larger amount of solids/break material. The element will decrease the effectiveness...
  10. brendanos

    First recipe - Simco/Mosaic pale ale

    Tahoose do you have any evidence to support the skimming theory? I'm wildly (and genuinely) curious about the subject and concept (and have discussed it at great length in the past with home brewers and brewing professionals) but can't find much science on the subject. Hopefully there has been...
  11. brendanos

    One Base Malt?

    Weyermann Pilsner. I know you asked for "ale" but I think the above is fantastic for most styles. It's a great blank slate you can beef up with dark base malts, toasted or melanoidin malts if you need. Runner up's include Joe White Traditional Ale, Barret Burston Ale & Pale, Weyermann Vienna &...
  12. brendanos

    Peat Smoked Malt

    My view on peated malt is that you need to use a lot of it. In fairness I tend towards extreme flavours (and love Islay single malts) but I prefer peated beers that go all out. To my taste, a little peat malt (ie single digits in % of grist) tends to add a one dimensional or burnt/bad character...
  13. brendanos

    Where should I grab a frothy in Melbourne?

    The beery Prince Wine Store is the Essendon location: http://www.princewinestore.com.au/EssendonHome/tabid/77/Default.aspx I'm calling Rockwell & Sons for best burger in town - plus an exciting rotating beer list and Mountain Goat seasonals on tap.
  14. brendanos

    How many litres did you brew - 2013?

    A little over 10,000 I think? Probably only about 800 on homebrew scale though...
  15. brendanos

    BeerBQ - First event this Sunday (Melbourne)

    I thought this might be of interest. Hopefully I'm posting in the right place. Chris Badenoch (Josie Bones, Masterchef, ANHC 2010 & 2012) has started a Beer & Barbeque event called "BeerBQ" with educational demonstrations on a variety of smoking techniques as well as matching beer with...
  16. brendanos

    FREE 3 Door Commercial Fridge COLLINGWOOD - Needs Work

    This fridge is still available!!!!!
  17. brendanos

    FREE 3 Door Commercial Fridge COLLINGWOOD - Needs Work

    The restaurant at which I work has been having trouble with one of our fridges so we have replaced it, but would love to see it go to a good home, preferably in aid of making beer. We have had fridge mechanics working on it for the last few weeks but have given up as we need something more...
  18. brendanos

    Australian craft beer standards

    I'm happy to hear it, and glad that it survived the trip across the Nullarbor! Boneyard is a gypsy brewing company so I have limited control over the stability our live beer which is largely dictated by the production and packaging processes that are available. More often than not stale or...
  19. brendanos

    Berliner Weisse

    I haven't used it but it sounds awesome. It is a different strain to Wyeast and produces an enzyme which allows it to ferment maltose, maltotriose and raffinose (so you may not need saccharomyces)
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