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    Just Ask!

    Does anyone know how much a CO2 tank (9kg or smaller) or a fire extinguisher costs? New or Used, and how much is a refill? I used to rent a CO2 tank from BOC back in the early 90's but it escapes me how much they charged me for the rental or refills.
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    Crystal Is Evil!

    As best as I can tell(perhaps someone else here can jump in) there are 2 types of malted grains, those that are just malted, dried and roasted(Chocolate, Black, Vienna, Munich etc) and those which are stewed(mashed) and roasted which are crystal malts. Crystal malts therefore are ideal for...
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    Crystal Is Evil!

    You could use crystal for dark belgian ales but typically people choose something like Special B or Cara Munich.
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    Crystal Is Evil!

    I made the adjunct call based on your comment that crystal was a cost cutting measure (ie quick and dirty flavour/fermentables). Not really relevant to your argument but look at American Pilsners, same thing but they use rice and corn(ha ha but it used to REMOVE flavour!). Just came to mind in a...
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    Salts In Beer

    Ever tried Gose? It is brewed with Corriander and Salt. I've heard of people salting their beer, just a flavour enhancer.
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    Crystal Is Evil!

    I don't know where your coming from but I'll bite. Crystal Malt is a good and useful malt which can add a wonderful flavour, colour and aroma to many beers. I totally disagree that it is `evil', if it was indeed developed to cut back on the amount of pale malt needed to give a fuller flavoured...