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    Crown Seal Tallies

    I have seventy odd cartons of crown seal tallies that I need to get rid of as they take up too much space which could be beeing used for more important things like brewing bits and peices. I paid $5 a carton for them and so would prefer to make back some of the money to but realy just need the...
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    Acidulated Malt

    Hi all I am doing a Belgan dark ale tomorrow using a recipe I found on this site a while ago. The recipe calls for 0.15kg of acidulated malt which Mike of Mike's home brew fame didn't have in stock (I didn't give him much time to work with) Mike however hade some lactic acid 90% which he...
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    Crazy's Brew Shed

    Hi all Thought I might share a few pic's of the new All Grain sculpture and brew shed. This is the fermenting fridge with a both heating and cooling omron temp controller. Then onto the cold conditioning fridge and storage for yeasts (under shelf) and brewer nutriants (in door) And...
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    Recirculating Mash

    Hi all, With the approval of the minister of war and finance now that the tax return has arrived, I have finaly ordered my march pump. This is the last hurdle of my new beer sculpture. While it is a three tier gravity fed system, (pics to follow shortly) I intend to pump the wort from under...