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  1. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    Hi Guys Everything must go, I need the cash! I am selling all my kegs, taps, connections, 3 tier allgrain set up, the lot. Check out the photos. I have: - 7 x 19L Cornelius Kegs @ $55 each. All in good condition, some with new seals, all hold pressure. -3 x EK Swing Taps in good condition...
  2. troywhite

    Canberra Malt Bulk Buy

    Based on Ross' post here , would any of you fellow Canberra people be interested in a bulk buy. 20 bags wouldn't be too hard to reach. I want a minimum of 3 for myself. Any takers? Or, if there is another source of cheap bulk buying in Canberra that I don't know about.... Ross: If you read...
  3. troywhite

    Beer's Not Too Bad After All

    Just saw this pop up this morning...,00.html Excerpt: ALCOHOL may make you act like an idiot temporarily, but Queensland scientists have discovered that it won't damage your brain permanently. New research to be revealed at a conference of...
  4. troywhite

    What To Do In Melbourne?

    Hi guys, I will be in Melbourne on the weekend (6/7/8 July) for a football over-saturation. With a mate we will be watching footy games Friday night, Saturday arvo and Sunday arvo. Now as luck would have it (or lack of), there is no footy in Melbourne on Saturday night. Yes I know this in...
  5. troywhite

    Any Ideas For Building Your Own "drip Tray"

    Howdy guys, I searched around for a fair while, but if I missed any posts that cover this I am sorry (and would appreciate the link of course ;) ) In my new house I have space to move the brew fridge indoors (yee-har) where it is nearer to the pool table (double yee-har). Of course wifey now...
  6. troywhite


    How do you guys get the tiny signatures going. When I set mine up it only goes to Size= 1 which is still much larger than you guys. Plus, everyone else seems to have a border around and different background colour. Am I missing some hidden help somewhere? Cheers