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    Msb Nut Brown Ale

    I've made this and tasted it (far too young, I confess). It was rather darker than I had expected (compared to, for example, the Muntons Nut Brown that used to be my favourite beer). Good flavour (again, not what I expected). I'll try another one soon-ish and report back. If you want to try...
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    Water To Use With Kits Brews

    Dunno about water quality, but I now tend to use a 10-litre container of spring water(the generic brand is cheap enough at Woolies) and chill it for 24 hours before a brew. I find that pouring this in after the kit and other ingredients gets the water temperature down to pitching levels almost...
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    Potential Bulk Priming Problem

    :chug: Dear, dear, I DO NOT oppose bulk priming. :rolleyes: I have never tried it. :ph34r: It does not interest me. :angry: I am sorry I mentioned it. :ph34r:
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    Potential Bulk Priming Problem

    :lol: It's good to promote a bit of discussion on this topic. But don't misread what I said. I don't have a problem with bulk priming. I just wonder if it is really the Holy Grail that it is often made out to be on this and other sites. I'm sure it works a treat if done properly. Equally, so...
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    Potential Bulk Priming Problem

    :chug: I've just posted to Grumpys on this topic and will repeat here. Seems to me that bulk priming causes as many problems as it solves. So why bother? Just measure and pour a spoon of sugar into each 750ml bottle, fill with your wonderful product, gently invert three times. Result: Perfectly...
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    Wheat Beer Fermentation Times

    :chug: It's a worry, this wheat beer. I put down a MSB Summer Wheat Beer on June 7. It bubbled and gurgled away happily for about 10 days, then the airlock levelled off and I tested it. Luckily, the sample tube seemed very fizzy, so I was a bit suspicious. The FG was well down, but it seemed a...
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    Coopers Pale Ale Kit

    :chug: Okay, you've convinced me, guys. Saw this one in my local Woolies supermarket this morning, put it in the trolley, and then put it back on the shelf. Will get one tomorrow and give it a go. What about trying it with a liquid yeast, (I have a Wyeast 1056 slurry looking for work) or is...
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    Cooper Heritage Lager Kit

    :chug: Made one about six months ago. I try a bottle every few weeks to see what's happening, but I have never been excited by it. It's very dark for a lager and the taste is pretty ordinary. I think there are better ones out there.
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    Choosing Liquid Yeasts

    :chug: You're right about the spray effect, Batz. I learned that one the hard way. I couldn't believe just how much yeast/water vapour/foam mixture can come out of a 2 litre plastic bottle! Tends to stick to surfaces like the proverbial to a blanket, too.
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    A Special "thank You" To All At A.h.b.

    Hi jgriffin, You're right about good forums being ruined and it's a sadness. This forum and the Grumpys site are the best of their kind and I hope they will always be the same as they are now, keeping the good-natured discussion going. :rolleyes: I used to belong to an international forum on...
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    Bulk Idophor

    Asher, It would be good to see you out on the Bib Track. I have been very slack of late, preferring to brew raher than walk, but I will be out here latetr this year. Dunno about Belgian ale, I usually take a little scotch (purely for medicinal reasonsd, of course). Cheers,
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    White Labs Vs Wyeast

    Thanks Doc. Not only is that a very useful chart, but setting up the printer for landscape took me into hitherto unknown realms of how to change the cartridge on an Epson printer (a process which has previously caused me much grief and anguish and involved threats of physical violence to Mr...
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    Bulk Idophor

    Asher, For what its worth, TWOC in Bibra Lake sells 250ml bottles of Grumpys One Shot for $6.50, so I see your point about price. I've also recently tried the MSB No Rinse steriliser which comes in 25g sachets. It's described as "oxygen activated mineral crystals (sodium percarbonate). The...
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    Dry Hop For A Stout

    I had a Grumpy's Republican Dark Ale in primary for (I think) five weeks. Finally bottled it, waited, tasted and thought I'd buggered it. However, now approaching six months in bottle it's a lovely, subtle beer with layers of flavour that develop on the tongue. Mind you, I don't intend to repeat...
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    Malt Shovel Oatmeal Stout......

    This is encouraging news. I have tried the MSB Pale Ale (absolutely splendid, expecting it to get even better with age) and the Two-Row Lager (bottled on Anzac Day, so very young, but showing great promise of real flavour). Just bottled a half brew (one can) of the Dark Roast Ale and have a Nut...
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    Poll: How Many Brews Per Yeast Pack?

    :P Indeed, Reg. I have tried to convert a couple of brewing mates to liquid yeast, but they always get the horrors at the $15 price tag. I then start to explain how to break it up into about six serves (which makes it cheaper than dried yeast, and much better) but they seem to drift away...