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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    If you wrap it around an empty PET vessel you will melt it, but as long as there is plenty of liquid in it you'll be fine, how you hold it in place on a sphere might be interesting. Just Gumtree a fridge and inkbird it, lot less hassle. fwiw KL seems to be steering people away from the forum and...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Just watched your interview with Millside, very excited about the brewzilla gen4, and is there any chance you can you share some details about the upcoming "essential oils" distilling column?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Your website recently had 3/8" ball lock disconnects, spruiked as good for transfers (no argument there, brilliant) however they seem to have disappeared in favour of The Big Jumper (Closed Transfer Line Kit) which are 5/16" with a duo adapter, not quite the same thing, are you going to stock...