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  1. Adamdrinksbeer

    Fermentasaurus Gen 1 PRV

    Any ideas on where I can source a replacement PRV. I believe they are a set to a lower pressure than the easily available corny PRV's. Is that right? Thanks in advance!
  2. Adamdrinksbeer

    Looking for breweries to fill corny kegs on the Sunshine Coast

    Any breweries or DIY breweries that fill corny kegs on the Sunshine Coast? Looking for my Mother in law
  3. Adamdrinksbeer

    WTB Brisbane - 50L keg or Keggle

    Wanting to either make or buy a finished Keggle. What have you got?!
  4. Adamdrinksbeer

    BIAB Kettle on a Budget - Brisbane

    Morning all, Any tips on where I can get a SS pot minimum 50L used or new to ramp up my batch size? I'm on a budget. Tentworld seems to be the cheapest I can find so far. $100 with free delivery. I've been keeping an...
  5. Adamdrinksbeer

    Fermentasaurus PRV leak

    Hey all, First time using the Fermentasaurus and have discovered the red pressure relief valve is leaking. I have tightened it finger tight and then a bit more with some pliers but it appears to be leaking around the red pull pin. If I press down firmly it stops. Has anyone else had this issue??
  6. Adamdrinksbeer

    Newbie Q. BIAB in a 19L pot.

    I'm wanting to do an all grain BIAB American pale ale in a 19L Big W pot. I see some people "top up" with water after the boil in their fermentor to their desired batch volume. Doesn't this just make weak watery weak beer? How do I know how much top up water is too much? This will be my second...