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  1. monkey brewing

    Beer to sweet

    hey ya fellow brewers, I have a batch that’s aged now for 8 months consists off: Coopers ipa tin Dextrose 500g Dark dry malt 500g Citra, centennial & mosiac hops @20g each Hops steeped for 15minutes in kettle boiled water in the empty tin off goo. Filled to 23 litres, brew temp 21c US05 yeast...
  2. monkey brewing

    Coopers real ale toucan

    hey guys I’m putting down a coopers real ale toucan batch and basically after ideas for added grain or hops that would pair nicely, even thinking maybe using oats to perhaps give the brew a thicker mouthfeel in the end, obviously no oats in fermenter, just after ideas guys cheers
  3. monkey brewing

    Primary, secondary, dry hopping help??

    Hey brewers, im "dry hopping" lets say day 7 in primary, then on day 10 transferring to secondary with finnings, day 14 transfer to bottling vessel, is this the way to do these 3 steps? Dont have a way of cold conditioning atm & the hops I only want in fermenting vessel for 3 days
  4. monkey brewing


    Anybody know of homebrew shops/suppliers that have zippay?
  5. monkey brewing

    To start or not to start

    Hey guys back in the game after 10 years or so, getting impatient, i wanted to wait for temp control before dropping down a brew but anyway, my kitchen is probably between 13-20 degrees during day/night, I've just received my brand new mangrove jacks starter kit with a blonde lager (aka ale)...
  6. monkey brewing


    Anybody tried brewing with pineapple? Or can direct me to a hop/yeast strain that could give me that pineapple Flavour? Its to pump up the so called mangrove jacks blonde lager kit (more so ale) that comes with the starter brewery box