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  1. gdupagne

    Couple of brews down on the weekend

    Put a couple of brews down on the weekend LCPA and S&W pacific ale. Both sitting in the fermenter fridge at 19 degrees. Dry hopped the LCPA with 12 g of cascade last night and plan on dry hopping the S&W Thursday which will be day 11 of a 14 day ferment. It is already sitting at 1011 down from...
  2. gdupagne

    Mangrove jacks mixed berry cider

    Just put this on for the wife today Mangrove jacks cider pouch 1 kg dextrose Followed instructions on pack will ferment @ 18 degrees Hopefully it turns out nice
  3. gdupagne

    VB Clone, have I destroyed it

    Have been wanting to do an Aussie bitter of some description for a while. I seemed to have messed this one a bit Recipe was supposed to be as per picture but in a bit of a rush I Added 1 kg of body blend instead of 500g Forgot. To add the 250g of Dex and Forgot to steep the hops as I thought...
  4. gdupagne

    Czech Pilsner

    Just put down a Czech Pilsner 1 can mangrove jacks Czech Pilsner 1kg LDME 25 grams Saaz steeped in boiled water for 15 minutes w-34/70 European lager yeast Going to ferment at 13-15 degrees should be a nice beer.
  5. gdupagne

    MJ LCPA kit

    Just picked up one of the kits from my local brew shop. The instructions are far from clear for the hops. The cascade says to steep in 2 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes then add to fermenter. But there are no clear instructions for the willamette. Do I do the same with this or is this for...
  6. gdupagne

    Coopers amber ale

    Anyone had any success with this brew. 1 can coopers Amber ale 1kg coopers ldme Swapped out kit yeast for US05 Fermenting at 21 degrees as per instructions See how it turns out
  7. gdupagne

    Dry hopped pale ale

    Just finished putting down my latest brew. Coopers Australian pale ale. Ingredients Coopers Australian pale ale can Brew enhancer 2 US05 yeast 15 grams cascade hop pellets dry hopped Ferment temperature will be 19 degrees. This is my first time adding any hops so hope it turns out. Any advice...
  8. gdupagne

    Backyard bar build

    Just finished my backyard bar, made from recycled shipping crate and some leftover floor boards. Could not be happier with how it turned out. My kegerator finally has a home
  9. gdupagne

    First time brewer

    Hi guys proud to say I just put on my first brew. I bought a kegerator a few months back and today I put down my first brew. It's a coopers lager kit. A few newbie questions. The kit comes with a krausen collar but no airlock like I've seen on other fermenters? Is this going to be ok or do I...