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    Re-pitching Yeast

    Just wondering how long after pitching initial yeast would it be ok to repitch yeast? I have been buying the twin packs of yeast from CB and have been keeping them in the fridge to keep them fresh, US-05, temperatures have been from 17-19 all week. All beers had healthy krausen's but when i took...
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    Grain Bill Help

    G'day all, i have just finished bottling my 6th All Grain beer (been doing half batches) and i need some help with the some new recipes, so far i have tried ; Nick's 9L Stovetop recipe Smash Citra Ale Goomba's Duff Street Darkie 2 different versions of DrSmurto's JSGA Clone And an Ale recipe...
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    My First Mini Biab

    Im in the middle of doing my first mini Biab. Very exciting! Recipe i am using is 2kg Weyermann Pilsner 50g Carapils 25g Amarillo Nottingham Yeast Made to 9L Have just put some towels over the pot; Strike temp = 69 degrees Mash temp = 65 degrees Mash in @ 11:15 I have taken a few photos...
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    A Few Questions

    I have had heaps of questions and i have generally found the answers searching on here or somewhere else on the internet but i have a few answers that i cant seem to find the full answer to. In one of my fermenters i recently put down a Stout/Dark Ale toucan with 500g BE2 and 200g Medium...
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    Coopers Lager Help

    I have been planning on doing a Thomas Coopers Heritage Lager for a few weeks now but i can't find any Light Malt Extract tins. I have a decent stock of bits of ingredients which i think i can use to make a nice beer and i also have another fermenter to rack into. These are the ingredients i...
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    New Brew Ideas

    I am looking for inspiration for my next brew, i wanted to try neills centamarillo but my local HBS said it would be 4 weeks before any light malt extract was delivered (Cant wait that long!). As i was told i ordered 90g centennial and 90g of Amarillo which arrived today, great service from...
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    1969 Homebrew Recipe

    I recently found an old recipe that i thought was interesting and would like to see if anyone has ever tried one of these old ones. This is what it reads: "HOME BREW Ingredients and Equipement 3 1/2 lbs White Sugar 1 lbs Brown Sugar 2 lbs Malt Extract (not cod liver) 1 heaped teaspoon Salt 1...
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    Winter Brews

    Has anyone got any good winter brew recipes? Maybe a nice dark, chocolatey sweet coffee sort of thing? :chug:
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    Your First Batch

    Interested to see how many people had a decent first brew? What they used and how they got into brewing etc. TmC
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    New To Brewing

    Hi all, Im relatively new to brewing, actually very new started on saturday with a coopers kit. :D I found it so fun that i bought a 30 litre water container and some other carbouys that were on special and fitted taps and airlocks for fermenters. I have a few questions about one of my brews...