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  1. agraham


    I noticed that this mob have good prices, anyone use them?
  2. agraham

    Marga Mill For Sale Melbourne

    Used marga mill for sale as i have just upgraded to a monster mill. She doesnt pull the grain through like she used to, probably needs a bit of TLC. PM me with an offer if interested.
  3. agraham

    West Melbourne Brew Clubs

    Hi Guys, Is there a brewclub thats get together on a regular basis in the west of Melbourne? Thanks, Andy
  4. agraham

    Co2 Beer Emissions

    Heya All, I was wondering whether signing up to Kyoto will impact how many batches of frothies we can brew, as c02 is the by product of fermentation. :beerbang: Beers, Andrew :party:
  5. agraham

    It Happened Again

    Fellow Brrewers, I tasted my batch of german lager that i have fermenting in the garage tonight and was shocked to find it had a weird woody medicinal taste. It was 4.5 kg pils and 500g munich type 1. I am at a loss to describe why this has happened, as I have gotten the same taste from a...
  6. agraham

    Holgate Brewhouse

    Gents & Gals, I am going up to the macedon ranges for the weekend with the missus and wanted to know whether i should pop in and try some of their brews. I hear they are bottle conditioned, so I might get a couple and harvest the yeast.... Cheers and Beers, Andrew
  7. agraham

    Kolsch Grain Bill

    Fellow Brewers, Making a kolsch style beer this weekend, as i has my first infection with the other one so had to tip it. :( Grain bill is: 4.5 kg german pils 200g german carahelles 200g german carapil Wyeast 1007, 3rd gen. Please feel free to critique. Thanks, Andrew
  8. agraham

    Filtered Melbourne Water Good For Stout?

    Fellow Brewers, I filter my tap water using an attached brita water filter, that gives me nice soft water that works well for lagers etc. I was wondering whether i would need to add any salts to the water for a doing a stout? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
  9. agraham

    Butterscotch Flavour In Fermenting Kolsch

    Fellow Brewers, I put down an all grain kolsch last week, and noticed a pronounced butterscotch smell/taste. I am using wyeast 1007, and trying to ferment it as cold as possible (I bought one of those 100 can coolers from kmart) around 13-14 degrees. Is it possible that the lower fermentation...
  10. agraham

    James Squire Amber Ale On Tap

    Fellow Brewers, I had a few James Squire Amber Ales on tap yesterday, and was very impressed! Does anyone have a good all grain or partial recipe for this? Any were they able to get a good result? I looked on the website and they indicate it is made with 3 malts; pale, crystal and cara pils...
  11. agraham

    World Cup Qualifying Alt

    Fellow Brewers, I am making an Alt Bier on the weekend to celebrate the socceroos qualifying for the world cup in Germany 2006. Recipe is: 3 Kg Weyermann Pilsner 1 Kg Weyermann Light Munich 300 g Weyermann Cara Helles 500g Weyermann Melanoidin 300g Weyermann Light Wheat 100g Carafa 1...
  12. agraham

    Wyeast 1007 German Ale For Wheat Beer?

    Fellow Brewers, I have a large amount of starters from a pack of 1007 wyeast I used to make some Kolsch style beer. I was wondering whether anyone had used it to make a german style wheat beer? Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks! :beerbang: Andrew
  13. agraham

    Grain Book At Grain And Grape

    Fellow AHB'ers, For those who dont know, Grain and Grape have a 'Grain Book'. This costs 82.50 for imported Grain, and allows you to purchase 25 kg of grain, and you can purchase as much or as little as you like at a time. You can also mix and match types of grain etc and have it crushed...
  14. agraham

    Trying To Source A Large Boiler In Melbourne

    G'day AHB's, I am trying to find a decent and affordable Boiler for my new All Grain setup. Something in the range of 50-90l would be super. Any ideas where i can get something like this in Melbourne? I am getting sick of using el cheapo 19l Big W Pots. Cheers and Beer, Andrew
  15. agraham

    Grain In West Melbourne

    Apart from Grain and Grape is there anywhere else to get grain? I find their prices for imported grain are quite steep..As i have read that some of you guys get bags of it for 55 dollars as opposed to 75 which they sell it for. Ideas? Thanks, Andrew
  16. agraham

    How Long To Mash

    How long should i be mashing? I usually mash for 90 mins but have read that you can do it for longer. Are there any pro's or con's for doing a longer mash? Will i get better efficiency if doing a longer mash? Will i also get better efficiency if i use a higher water to grain ratio, say...
  17. agraham

    Grain Bill For A Gernam Pils

    I was wondering what grain bill you folks would recommend for an all grain German Pilsner. I was thinking 5 kg of Pils malt with 2-500 grams of Munich for color and maltyness. Thoughts?