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    Using a Kombucha SCOBY with beer wort.

    A friend of mine has done an experiment similar to this. Got 20L of golden ale wort (mostly pils malt, very low SRM) and added approx. 20 Lipton tea bags and a healthy SCOBY to it and let it go. It's been roughly 6-7 months so far and it's begun to taste quite lambic-y. After 2-3 months we...
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    Describe your Home Grown Hop Harvest Beer

    Yeah, a good mate of mine grew Red Earth for the first time this summer. He's harvested, dried and vac bagged them while figuring out what to use them in due to their very peculiar aroma. Pretty sure they'll end up in a dark ale of some time too. Very jealous of your Cascade plants. They sound...
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    EOI hop rhizomes.

    Hey jburke. Have you let the lucky winners know yet? I haven't heard anything so just thought I'd check so I can either keep hunting for some 'zomes or Netflix and chill. Cheers
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    Describe your Home Grown Hop Harvest Beer

    Finished my first ever harvest ale. A 5.2% Chinook session IPA. Used chinook pellets to bitter and a combo of pellets and loads of wet chinook flowers at flameout and dry hop (five days) before diacetyl rest. I also get a real funky, pungent aroma that I just can't nail down. It's a bit much...
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    EOI hop rhizomes.

    Looks like I'm potentially late to the party however if there's still some available after you list everyone above I would definitely grab 2x US Cascade and 1x Chinook from you. I live in Croydon VIC so not too far. I regularly drive through Kinglake on weekend trips so would pick up from you...
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    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Cheers Mardoo, will do!
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    2017 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Man, there's some VERY nice hop gardens in this thread. Good on all of you guys. I've finished my first hop harvest where I got 600 g (wet) flowers from a single first year Chinook rhizome. Put straight into a single-hop session IPA which should be ready in another couple of weeks. The smell on...
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    How much smoked malt to add?

    My favourite Smoked Porter is from Blackman's in Torquay, VIC. It has a really nice level of smoke flavour that doesn't overpower like a lot of other smoked beers I've tried. I've asked the head brewer about how to clone it and he said they use 20% Weyermanns smoked malt. They also use about...
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    Blackmans Reginald American IPA

    I drink Blackman's beers a fair bit and have been lucky enough to chat to Renn (head brewer/owner) on occasion about his beers. I get a lot more citrusy hop flavour from Reginald compared to resin/pine. The Angry Reg (limited release imperial version) on the other hand... You say you got...
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    Dry hopping a wet hop session IPA question

    Yeah, put into a hop sock and weighed down with marbles
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    Dry hopping a wet hop session IPA question

    Cheers BKBrews! I just added the dry hops. Went with the full 60g of Chinook pellets along with the rest of our Chinook flower harvest which my mate dried out during the week (52g dry). Will post details of how it turned out once it's bottled next week
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    Dry hopping a wet hop session IPA question

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping for a little advice with regard to dry hopping a Chinook Harvest Ale my friends and I put down on Saturday (our 2nd AG brew on a recently purchased 3V HERMS rig). The original recipe is the Ace of Chinook Session IPA from BrewDog (recipe #226 in their DIY Dog document)...
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    FS : Melb : Books

    PM'd about the How to Brew by John Palmer.
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    Best Craft Light Beer.

    A couple of good options if you're after something Victorian: Reset Robot by Brewcult. Comes in at about 3.4% ABV from memory. Nice amount of fruity hoppy flavour without being too forward. Never had a bad beer from those guys. Featherweight by The Public Brewery in Croydon. They have just...