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    Thinking of diversifying my alcohol production, specifically looking to make some homemade whiskey. I was looking at Anyone else used these, do they create a smooth spirit? Any other suggestions? Not wanting to feature in an episode...
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    Are blichmann overrated or worth the extra $?

    Looking at purchasing a couple of 75L pots to make the move from AG, and saw the blichmann pots with fittings for $695 each. They look the goods, but are they better than a $200 litre pot plus fittings? I plan on running them over gas burners.
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    Is my yeast starter infected?

    I was going to pitch this german lager yeast tonight but noticed the dark bits on the top of the krausen. Do I risk it?
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    costco fresh pressed apple juice

    In chasing down pork ribs at costco today I stumbled across their 3.78L (1 gallon) fresh pressed apple juice. A google search turned up some american cider makers who rated it well. No preservatives, twin pack for $10.99 from memory, $1.44 per litre was what stuck in my memory. Putting a...
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    Mosaic Motueka IPA advice

    Never used Mosaic or motueka before, and am planning the following brew this afternoon. Any thoughts? Cheers J Hope it's Wired IPA ABV 7.17 O.G. 1.072 FG 1.018 IBU 62.8 Colour 12.3 SRM Single Mash @ 67c for 60 min, mash out at 76c US-05 starter 5.5kg Marris Otter 0.1 rye malt 0.2 crystal...
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    ESB recipe and BJCP styles advice

    I'm planning the following for Sunday and am wanting to start putting together brew recipes that could be good for competition - ie. conforming but different enough to stand out. That said, I am always tweaking my recipes for flavour rather than conformity. I haven't used challenger for more...
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    Help with IPA

    Made a batch of IPA a couple of weeks ago. O.G 1.072 F.G 1.025 ABV 7.07 IBU 44.7 5.7kg Marris Otter 100g Special Malt 130g Rye malt 200g dark crystal 100g aromatic 20g centennial @ 60 90g cascade whole hops @ 10 90g cascade whole hops @ 5 40 g galaxy dry hop @ 7 days. Mash 60 min @...
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    gas and beer line clamps

    Rookie issues on a saturday night setting up the keggerator before the football - do I need a specific tool for the stainless steel clamps (not the screw tightening kind) that go over the beer lines to hold them to the barbs etc? Have busted 2 with pliers and reluctant to waste anymore. Have...
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    Irish Ale yeast for an amber ale?

    I have a healthy 2.5L wyeast irish ale starter ready to pitch. I was thinking of brewing an american amber ale the following this afternoon, and would welcome any thoughts before mashing in: batch size 23L ABV 5.63% IBU 46 Colour 19.5 SRM Efficiency 82% biab 5.3 kg marris otter 250g special b...
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    cider press

    Getting close to finishing the cider press, attached is the pic of the main juicing box we joined up today, after cutting, gluing, biscuiting and sanding each side. I found a setup on the net using a machine press or shop press, which is basically a bottlejack in a heavy metal frame, with a box...