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    Bigger Batches

    Hi team, I’m lazy and want to brew less often. Does anyone have 30 liter extract recipes? I would like to do a stout first and then an APA. Cheers
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    Can of goo not dissolved

    Hi Team, I'm a muppet and didn't dissolve/ stir the goo enough and it's sitting in the bottom of my fermenter. It's been in the about 4 days now and not showing much activity. It's a red Irish ale with a can of liquid amber malt. There is about 300ml of undissolved malt It's in a...
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    Double Cannning

    Hi Has anyone tried 2 tins and no dextrose/enhancer ? The local brew shop recommended 2 tins of mangrove jacks craft APA with no dextrose/enhancer. I'm keen to give it a try but really don't want to stuff it up. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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    Fermentasaurus - pressure bottling

    Hi, I'm considering getting a Fermentasaurus but was wondering about bottling under pressure. If I ferment under pressure what additional equipment will I need to get to bottle the fermented beer under pressure? My current situation doesn't allow for me to move to kegging.
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    dry hopping during cold crash and diacetal rest

    Hi Guys, Excuse my ignorance but I'm and new brewer and it's my first post. I'm doing a Williamswarn bohemian pilsner with a saf lager yeast and it's extract. Can states 3 days @ 15c then lift to 18c for diactal rest for a further 3 days. I'm currently 2 days into the diactal rest. My...