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  1. Bruer

    Single Fin Clone Feedback

    Hey All, Most of the boys are pretty keen on Gage Roads' Single Fin. It's a Summer Ale with Galaxy and Enigma hop (or so sayeth their website). I've knocked up a recipe which i think fits the bill. I was considering using Magnum as the bittering addition as I'm not sure how enigma will fare...
  2. Bruer

    JS Preservation Ale - Harvesting yeast

    I'm into my historical beers. James Squire recently brewed a beer with yeast salvaged from a beer on a 220 yo shipwreck. What are the chances that there will be...
  3. Bruer

    Which Style for 1835 historic beer?

    Hi All, A little while ago I brewed an old recipe for a pale ale (with Brett) published in 1835 in the West Australian (see original topic here). The beer historically would have been a pale ale or stock ale. The ale produced was basically a SMASH with Marris Otter and EKG, co-fermented with...
  4. Bruer

    Jambu/Love Apple in beer?

    Hey all, A good friend of mine has a jambu apple/love Apple tree in his front yard. For those that don't know, jambu are like a bell-shaped crispy apple native to SE Asia. They're part of the same family as lilypily. I can only describe their flavour as floral and delicate. Has anyone used...
  5. Bruer

    CO2 and unconsumed conmercial wine

    Has anyone flushed bottles of half drunk wine with co2? Does it help to prevent it turning after a few days? Can it stay open longer?
  6. Bruer

    Betadine for iodine tests

    Hey all, I've been listening to a bunch of brewing podcasts, mostly basic brewing radio. They keep mentioning iodine tests, especially in regards to recipes with high portions of adjuncts, crystal malts or roasted malts. I was wondering whether I can be a tight ass and use betadine instead of...
  7. Bruer

    Wanted: 3x 50L kegs Perth

    Hi all, I'm putting together a 3v RIMs and looking for 3 50L SS kegs. Have check gumtree to no avail. Any suggestions for where to get them (without pinching them)?
  8. Bruer

    Review my wiring

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of building myself a sparkly, new all-electric 3v RIMs brewery. I'm scoured the interwebs, taking the best of all designs and putting them together. In order to run everything, and given that I am currently in a rental (and will be for the foreseeable future)...
  9. Bruer

    1835 WA Beer recipe and yeast selection

    Hi Guys, I'm an archaeologist and doing some experimental archaeology in brewing a recipe published in a WA paper in 1835. Based on the recipe, the style is either an Old ale or a Mild (about 7.6%ABV, 50 IBU) with a grain bill of 100% pale malt. The recipe (found here...
  10. Bruer

    Archaeological brewing - 1835 recipe help

    Hi all, I'm an archaeologist and I'm also a homebrewer. I'm looking to brew a beer based on a recipe published in a Western Australian newspaper article from 1835. I'm then going to present this beer as part of a presentation at the national conference. The presentation revolves around...
  11. Bruer

    Taking homemade beer to NZ

    So I'm heading over to New Zealand for Christmas with the in-laws. I want to take some of my beers over. Anyone had experience in taking it across the pond through customs? I was thinking of counterfilling them into old soda water bottles. I know the amount I can't take, just wondering if plain...
  12. Bruer

    Free: 50 Long-neck Coopers bottles in Fremantle

    Hi All, A work colleague of mine has about 50 long-neck coopers brown bottles (Crown-seals) that he needs to get rid of. He would love to swap them for a few bottles of home brewed beer if he can. He lives in White Gum Valley. Let me know via PM with your details (phone and name, etc.) if...
  13. Bruer

    Getting a professional brewing job, necessary?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working as an archaeologist in Perth. I love my job and enjoy it, but I also love brewing. I've been brewing, cooking and making preserves, etc. all my life and am consistently told I should open a restaurant by friends and even those in hospitality. I have worked in...
  14. Bruer

    Huell Melon Lager

    HeyAll, Summer is coming up, so i was thinking about putting down a lager. I was thinking of using some of those new interesting hops - Huell Melon. I hear they can give strawberry, stonefruits and melon - summery fruit. While not in the recipe i might even dry hop. Has anyone had any success...
  15. Bruer

    Water profile in Subiaco WA - Help!

    Hey All, I just got the updated water report for the Subiaco area (Mt Eliza in Kings Park). Below are the stats (and I've attached the PDF) showing minerals and then their presence in ppm as minimum, median and maximum. Alkalinity as CaCO3 54, 70, 73 Aluminium 0.025, 0.027, 0.035 Calcium 18...
  16. Bruer

    Ordinary bitter recipe

    Hi all looking for a bit of feedback on a proposed recipe for an ordinary bitter. Is the malt profile going to be complex enough? I want something sessionable but not too thin. Maybe replace a bit of the MO with something like Caramalt or amber. HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: Landlord Ordinary...
  17. Bruer

    Sheep/cow's whey vodka

    Hey all, In my perusing of the interwebs I saw this:'>
  18. Bruer

    Salary sacrificing for a not for profit

    Hey all, So I found out that I need to take a 20% pay cut at work. This sucks, but there is potentially an upside. We are a heritage firm, consulting archaeologists and working to aid developers and the mining industry. Our business is developing a not for profit organisation. When formed, all...
  19. Bruer

    Drawing chalk to raise pH

    Hey all, It's Sunday brew day. I'm making one of BrewDog's recipes - #101 cocoa psycho. I just realised it has a HUGE proportion of roasted grains for a 20L batch (130g dark crystal, 1.25kg black malt and 1.5kg roasted barley). It also has 6.9 kg pale, 1kg wheat malt and 500g smoked malt. I...
  20. Bruer

    Dry hopping with Citra

    Hey all. Brewing Brewdog citra IPA, but want to step it up with a dry hop of citra too. Anyone have a recommended dry hopping rate for citra? I was thinking around 66g for 23L for 3-4 days.