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  1. InCider

    Hello Kitty Beer

    It's an old article that I found, after have a look on the innerwebs when I got sent this link... Hello Kitty Beer
  2. InCider

    Star San Container Tip

    Hey Brewers, Many of you no-rinse your sanitation, and many use Star San. A reliable performer and fantastic value. I have had only one issue, and that has been the lids. They cracked on me today, and I thought for a minute I'd have to decant from the bottle. Now I'm no Incredible Hulk, but...
  3. InCider

    C02 Bottle Filling Sunshine Coast Qld

    Good news! Gas is on tap Ph: Kim or Wayne on 54390043 & 0487433895 or email [email protected] Great service and C02 refills competitively priced. Great service every time I go there. Open Fridays 9.30 - 4.30, Saturdays from 9.00 - 1.00 Web linky: Still Brewin' 'From the 1st March 2011...
  4. InCider

    A Queer Beer? Not Here

    I'll bet this has been posted. I don't care two hoots about some idiot journo talking about Mexican beer targeted at the pink dollar, but it's good to hear the taste of Australia as a whole is changing. A queer beer? Not here - Sydney Morning Herald Article "Though recent Neilson results show...
  5. InCider

    Motrhead - April 1st Gold Coast

    Who's going? Pre-gig drinks are ON. Lemmy wouldn't have it any other way. My mobile is 0404 10 20 20 or PM me an we join up before the gig.
  6. InCider

    Other Uses For Beer Line.

    I have had everything vibrate off my cheap mower in the last 12 months... then the fuel cell mounts sheared and cracked today. Fuel cell now sits out of harms way, with BEER LINE! Fits fine. Not sure how well it will last. The beer line fits snug on the barbs without urgent need to add...
  7. InCider

    Shelf Life Of No-chill Wort?

    Hey Team, Time for me to post a beer related topic... I know, I should relax and wait until the feeling subsides... :D I have had a no-chill cube sitting in the house for at least 6 months.. maybe more. Just dropped it into the fermenter a few minutes ago. It smelt great, but while I was...
  8. InCider

    Duelling Yeasts!

    Hi All, I just had the sickening realisation that I added cider yeast AND notthingham to a cider brew I just put down. Double bugger. :o Very absentmindedly I added cider yeast as it was in front of me, then went back to the shed as I had forgotten to add the nottingham. Question 1 : Does...
  9. InCider

    Totally Involved - Sav's Leviathan Brew Day

    Everyone welcome - brewday at Sav's. We're planning on a double Dr Smurtos Golden Ale AND a triple InCider's Single APE (american pale english) Plenty of room - we have the space for up to 5 seperate brew rigs. 3 phase power. Chest freezer is 750l - heaps of space for kegs. :party: Venue...
  10. InCider

    'low Taste Memory' Sends Drinkers In Search Of Boutique Brews

    Australian beer drinkers have an increasingly broad palette and aren't afraid to spend more for a better tasting brew, according to industry experts... MORE: Article in the BNE times and it looks like the XXXX brewery is adopting Reinheitsgebot! XXXX losing the preservatives....
  11. InCider

    Whats Your Favorite Forum Argument?

    I was thinking of some of the active threads today when I was on my way home and wanted to know what forum topic piqued your interest the most. There must be heaps of others, but these are the ones off the top of my head. InCider. :D
  12. InCider

    Swap'n'go C02

    C02 bottles soon to be available on request at your local dealer/servo. 'Brewbubbles' is what they will call it, aimed at the Homebrewer. * Only 5kg bottles available at this stage, and your swap bottle will have to be in date. 3.5kg may be an option in the future. * They will not stock them...
  13. InCider

    Fire Extinguisher Dreams

    I have this recurring dreamabout fire extinguishers. Its happened a few times and I need to get this off my chest. Id rather do it here than tell a non-brewer theyd think I was as crazy as a weasel sandwich. :lol: The background is that my gas ran out after only a few months so Im guessing...
  14. InCider

    A New Brewer Arrives For Incider

    My third hop addition has arrived today - a boy! Hunter 7lbs 11oz. Also my third Cane Toad Kid - Go NSW! I even put down a brew this morning before going to hospital! :lol: Mrs InCider is doing well. :wub: Celebrating with an English Bitter in my Hoffbrauhouse Stein. :super...
  15. InCider

    Spot The Guinea Pig!

    Can you see Nicky? My kiddies miss him a lot. :lol: Really, they got on the ladder with me when I took the shot and worked it out. :o
  16. InCider

    Qld Xmas Case Swap 2008

    Xmas Case Swap. :beer: December as we all know, is a mad month of in-laws, outlaws, gift swapping and other associated rewards for good deeds done throughout the year. And as none of us want to miss any time with the outlaws, for this Xmas swap, so I propose a November Swap. Here are some...
  17. InCider

    Crackdown On Christmas Prison Brew

    Just saw this in the Brisbane Times. Pruno anyone? :P Prison Brewers linky
  18. InCider

    Fermenters - Where Did Your Special Ones Come From?

    Fermenters - how did you get yours? My first one - a Coopers white one with an orange lid belongs to my Wife's late brother. Sadly he died in a car accident 6 years ago. He was 18. It sat in my Mother in law's garage for 3 years or so, then made it to the secondary Man shed for one more year...
  19. InCider

    Beef & Stout "Man Pie"

    Beef & Stout Pie. I used a Toucan Stout for this a big, bitter beer. A big man slice of this pie would not be out of place at any Micro Brewery during winter. The kit youll need: 1 kilo of cubed steak 2 tablespoons of plain flour 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 onion sliced 2 sprigs of thyme 2...
  20. InCider

    Alcohol May Lower Risk Of Kidney Cancer

    "Alcohol consumption may lower the risk of developing kidney cancer, according to a report in the British Journal of Cancer." Cheers! To the good health of all the AHB Members! :D From The Age this morning... Linkey here