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  1. Belgrave Brewer

    Hops Growing Masterclasses in VIC and SA

    Hops Growing Master Classes February 2nd in VIC at Yellingbo Brewing & Hop Garden, and February 9th in SA at Fresh Hops Co-op of Australia. Horticulturist and Hop Grower Stuart Bn will guide you through all aspects of successful hop growing in this 4 hour course. Contact Stuart at...
  2. Belgrave Brewer

    Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Victoria Rhizomes for sale.

    Centennial rhizomes are now available for $20 each. It has taken us 2 growing seasons to build up a small amount of stock. Cascade, Chinook, and Victoria rhizomes also available at $15 each. All root stock is from a highly productive chemical free hop farm. Shipping on Mondays express mail...
  3. Belgrave Brewer

    Hop Rhizomes for sale - Victoria, Chinook and Cascade.

    Hop Rhizomes for sale - Victoria, Chinook and Cascade. Victoria, Chinook, and Cascade rhizomes now available. Large are $15 each and small are $10 each. Shipping and handling Priority mail starts from $13. All rhizomes are from 3 year old established and highly productive hop plants. Sorry...
  4. Belgrave Brewer

    Mill Master Mini Mill and Keg King Maltmuncher motor

    Has anyone used the Maltmuncher motor with the Mill Master Mini Mill? Not much out there on this topic that I could find. My plan is to mount these on a table on wheels so I can roll it out on brew day and store out of the way when not in use. I have the Mill and hopper, the motor, and have...
  5. Belgrave Brewer

    Glycol chilling and multiple jacketed fermentors

    I've been working on this project for a looooong time. Slowly getting the pieces together, and putting time in when I can. A few DIY/How to videos on Youtube helped me with the design. I gave it a test run last week and it works great. I still have to dial things in a bit more and give it a...
  6. Belgrave Brewer

    Rhizomes 4 Sale - Chinook, Victoria, Cascade, Cluster

    If anyone is after hop rhizomes, I currently have Chinook, Victoria, Cascade, and Cluster available. I can't send to WA or TAS. Cluster crowns also available for pickup in Yarra Valley/Dandenong Ranges VIC area. I'll also have some Victoria crowns available soon. PM me for details.
  7. Belgrave Brewer

    Dr Rudi (Super Alpha) hop variety not in Australia?

    <can of worms> I had a brief conversation with a NZ Hop Dealer and he seriously doubted there were any Dr Rudi hop rhizomes in Australia. I've seen them up for sale here, and also have a friend who is growing them, but he has decided to pull them out as they've been underwhelming. The NZ dealer...
  8. Belgrave Brewer

    Hop pickers needed this Sunday for Victoria Harvest Ale - Yarra Valley

    Yellingbo Brewing and Hop Garden has a sizable amount of hops to pick in a very short time Sunday, March 15th at 10am onwards. We need to pick 40kgs of Victoria hops that will go into a Harvest Ale being brewed on the same day by a local craft brewer. It's a large amount to pick in a very...
  9. Belgrave Brewer

    Who is growing Centennial hops?

    Hi all, If you are growing Centennial hops here in Australia, can you please let me know what your experience has been with them. I've heard rumours that they don't grow well here, but have not seen any evidence of this. Would love first hand experience. Cheers, BB
  10. Belgrave Brewer

    Crowns and rhizomes for sale - SE Melbourne

    I am posting this for a friend, please contact via the email address below if interested. For Sale: 2 - 1 year old Victoria crowns $15 each 3 - 1 year old Chinook crowns $15 each 2 - 1 year old Cluster crowns $15 each 1 - 2 year old UK Goldings $20 1 - 2 year old Cluster $20 10 Cascade...
  11. Belgrave Brewer

    Glycol chiller and multiple jacketed fermentors

    Is anyone using a glycol chiller to cool multiple jacketed fermentors? I've been eyeing the Keg King Icemaster G40 which has 4 glycol outputs/returns so could potentially work with up to 4 jacketed fermentors, each with their own pump and temp controller...
  12. Belgrave Brewer

    1 giant Chinook rhizome and 1 Cascade rhizome for sale - VIC, Pickup o

    Hi All, I had a sale fall through to someone leaving the country. I have one Chinook rhizome over 400mm long and 1 Cascade rhizome, both accidentally cut off during transplant. Both are in pots, so I cannot send the via post. Will need to be picked up either from Yellingbo or Belgrave, VIC...
  13. Belgrave Brewer

    Oscar's Alehouse Opens Doors In Belgrave, Vic

    For those in the SE suburbs of Melbourne looking for a bar of distinction, Oscar's Alehouse is now open in Belgrave Victoria. Oscar's was hand crafted over 8 months including himalayan cedar slab bar, heavy use of wood features, and comfortable leather seating. There is a private Beer Garden in...
  14. Belgrave Brewer

    Rogue Imperial Stout Clone Recipe?

    Does anyone know of, or have, a recipe for Rogue's Imperial Stout? A friend of mine wants to brew this as his father is coming from the US to visit him in a few months and it is his fathers favourite beer. He is not setup for AG brewing so at most it'll need to be a mini-mash recipe. If you...
  15. Belgrave Brewer

    Wyeast "fat Tire" Yeast...anyone Use It?

    Hi All, I'm brewing an Amber tomorrow and will be using the Wyeast Fat Tire yeast strain that is in limited release. Has anyone used it? I found very little online or at the Wyeast website regarding Yeast attenuation, floculation and temperature range. One thing I did find interesting is that...
  16. Belgrave Brewer

    The Melbourne Brewers Club - Meeting Wednesday Aug 29th

    Hi Fellow Victorian Brewers, This months Melbourne Brewers Club Meeting is on Wednesday August 29th at 7:30pm At Pete's Warehouse - Factory 11, 12 Edina Rd., Ferntree Gully 3156. Topics of this meeting: Focus on Brewing Sanitation Oktoberfest Style New members are welcome! Melbourne Brewers...
  17. Belgrave Brewer

    Extreme Amount Of Water Loss In Boil

    I've just started All Grain brewing. Everything is fine until I get to the boil. My research indicates that should account for an approximate 10% loss in the boil. I've been going into the boil with a higher efficiency than expected out of the mash and lauter phases (I'm using a 10 gallon...
  18. Belgrave Brewer

    My First Ag

    Did my first All Grain yesterday. I had the opportunity to watch a few friends and also spent a day brewing at a microbrewery in December, so felt it was time to make the jump. A bit of a learning curve with all the new equipment and working in my environment. Definitely need to plan things out...
  19. Belgrave Brewer

    Brew Master Dream Job Competition

    Sorry if anyone has already posted this. MyCareer is having a competition and one of the dream job experiences is Brew Master. Choose Your Dream Job Good Luck!
  20. Belgrave Brewer

    Shooting Beer Cans

    If anyone has an interest in seeing beer cans shot with a rifle using a 2000 frame per second camera so you can see it in slow motion, here you go: 3 Tecate Beer Cans 7 Tecate Beer Cans