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  1. Aletheist

    Inkbird Giveaway on ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat !

    The WiFi inkbird would be perfect a perfect improvement to replace my recently dead temp controller! No more getting the family to monitor and change the temps when I'm away!
  2. Aletheist

    Giveaway of Inkbird temp controller ITC-308 WIFI and 20%OFF Sales

    I’m still in.. STC1000 is now blinking, so would be good timing!
  3. Aletheist

    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    Definitely in need of another, I’m in!
  4. Aletheist

    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Count me in please! Cheers!
  5. Aletheist


    Mine blowtie is still rock solid.. no creep, and I’m more commonly setting it to 2 or 3 psi these days.
  6. Aletheist

    First ever brew in the Fermentasaurus, do I cold crash and next steps

    I have PM'd you a link. They're available from a number of sellers. It fits both gas and liquid disconnects. You can use it for quick carbonation of small amounts of beverage in a PET bottle, or for cleaning lines (with cleaning solution in the bottle).. or for adding stuff (like gelatin) to...
  7. Aletheist

    First ever brew in the Fermentasaurus, do I cold crash and next steps

    I’ve never had an issue with just setting and forgetting at 0C. (Actual temp usually only reaches 2ish). I’ve read somewhere about gradually lowering but in my experience a crash cool is fine. As for 3 piece airlock, yes, you will get a skinny fermentasaurus. I’d either take it off and put some...
  8. Aletheist

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Fair call.. This was the first time I brewed this particular recipe (also a German Pils) and I'm that happy with the result I'm reluctant to ferment and condition at traditional temps in the fear that it will change my method for this particular recipe... my time,chamber space and keezer tap...
  9. Aletheist

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    I guess my point with this example was that tasters could not tell the difference. There are examples that support both sides of the argument. I’m a proud fencesitter with most things in life, so as to not get too clouded in bias. I’ve made many an average beer in my lifetime (most with...
  10. Aletheist

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Here is the article: Edit: noting they used White Labs high pressure lager yeast. I used WLP830
  11. Aletheist

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Blind triangle tests have been carried out Brülosophy I think.. the result was insignificant from memory.. ie tasters could not tell the difference. I kegged a German Pilsner last night that was pressure fermented at 12 deg C, although it was low psi (2-3), then ramped up to ale temp when it...
  12. Aletheist

    West Coast of America Trip

    San Diego has many options. Of course there are Karl Strauss, Ballast Point (the brewpub in little italy is awesome) and Stone (there is a great little tasting room next to Petco park if you’re not intending to stray too far from the Gaslamp district). Mission Brewing, Coronado Brewing is a...
  13. Aletheist

    FWK - Favourites

    Whilst I haven’t done any British styles as requested in the OP, I have become a big fan of All Inn’s FWKs. Have fermented their Legbreaker IPA, Mercenary APA, Citra XPA and Mosaic XPA. For me (and my mates helping me drink them) the Mosaic XPA is the standout. These kits are producing way too...
  14. Aletheist

    First ever brew in the Fermentasaurus, do I cold crash and next steps

    When you say ‘not under gas’ do you mean it is venting or you simply haven’t hooked up a gas bottle? If the latter, by now it would have built up a considerable amount of pressure on its own. I’d definitely release some pressure now if it has been closed the whole time without a spunding valve...
  15. Aletheist


    I had been happy with the PRV from the bulk buy, but got a blowtie to compare. Luckily enough, my PRV failed two days after the blowtie arrived, so had a reason for immediate use! Gotta say setup was very quick and easy. I used the blowtie for a pressure transfer initially - no dramas. With...
  16. Aletheist

    SEQ October Grain Bulk Buy - Hoppy Days

    1. Terry 1 x BB Ale Malt, 1/2 x BB Wheat, 1 x Gladfields Munich , 1/2 x Gladfields Med Crystal 2. Maheel 1 x BB Pale 1 x BB Ale 3. Adbrewer 2 x BB Pale, 1 x Gladfields Ale 4. RobinW 2 x Gladfields Ale, 1/2 x Gladfields Medium Crystal, 1/2 x BB Wheat 5. Fishingbrad 3 x Glad German Pils, 1 x Glad...
  17. Aletheist


    Did I get in on this also? No PM as yet. :)