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  1. damoninja

    Mini keg esky build

    Reviving the dead kinda - but seems like these eskies are back at kmart
  2. damoninja

    EOI - Type 30 to 5/8" elbow - mini reg adapter

    Because these are done up by hand and they'd need to have an order of 50+ to be able to put it through the CNC they couldn't move on price for a small order, given the interest I don't know if we'd get orders of that quantity. They won't work with a standard reg no, a standard would need to be...
  3. damoninja

    Beerland. T.V show.

    Wants to be accepted Starts an acceptance group Denies entry to anyone who is different +1
  4. damoninja

    Beerland. T.V show.

    First episode a total dumpster fire. Most of it belongs on tumblr or some millennial's youtube channel, the minute or so about beer was kinda ok. I may give it another look next week.
  5. damoninja

    Dry Hop in Fermenter Advice

    I leave my hops 5-6 days but no longer, I always dry hop when I know I have time to keg at the end of that window. Tapped one of the kegs with this beer in it, first glass was a hoppy mess, second was clear (black) and so delicious.
  6. damoninja

    Dry Hop in Fermenter Advice

    Dry hop for such a short time is a bit of a waste, not enough time! My last batch I dropped something stupid like 450g, I gave it a good cold crash but I also siphoned from the top to prevent as much crap as possible getting out of the FV and in to the keg.
  7. damoninja

    Vale Hugh Hefner

    Interesting way to euphemise blacks on blondes
  8. damoninja

    Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA

    I mean the Brew A IPA that Cooper's actually produced commercially opposed to the kit, theirs was just boring, lacked any real hop qualities. Makes me think of when someone says "I hate IPAs" and follows up with "I've only tried Sleeping Giant". It's one of those. the kit you can do whatever...
  9. damoninja

    Adding FRESH ginger root to a 23 litre lager/ale kit

    Short answer yes. Depending on how much you add, you're either going to make it with a hint of ginger or turn it in to a ginger beer, both OK depends on what you want. Using a lager kit is probably a good choice as you don't want toooo much bitterness if any at all. You would want to grate...
  10. damoninja

    What line length/size can you get away with with flow control taps?

    I'm definitely upgrading to FC taps and shortening the lines at some point on both my keezer and porto drafto
  11. damoninja

    Riedel - Craft Beer Glasses On Sale

    Peter's of Kensington do the same thing. See what the result of querying this turns out to be, $4 a pop would be alright ;)
  12. damoninja

    Riedel - Craft Beer Glasses On Sale

    Good prices but I scratched my head at this one
  13. damoninja

    'Craft' beer tax to be Fed Election issue

    Fark I can't wait 'til I'm there this year...
  14. damoninja

    Sodium Percarbonate

    Slight thread spin I do this too, first to clean but then I'll also run the pump for 10-15 minutes while the wort is boiling to give it a real good nuking.
  15. damoninja

    Huge batch pitfalls?

    I'd recommend a spoon at least
  16. damoninja


    I would leave a few litres behind from a 50L batch, maybe 5L. No harm in a little trub getting in your FV...
  17. damoninja

    Getting different beers from the same brew day

    I did a partigyle last time I did an imperial coffee stout, I collected wort until I'd reached my target volume/gravity and still had enough of each to run off about 10L 1.040 wort, so I used some american hops and called it a baby brown ale. Turned out pretty damn good really.
  18. damoninja


    Discarding 7 litres? Jeez :P brew smaller or package bigger :)
  19. damoninja

    Huge batch pitfalls?

    On that same note however you can get more in it, naturally, but the head space you'll want will be around about the same.