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  1. Jerry

    Natural Gas

    Ahhh, so you do! Should learn to read posts properly...... :-) Go for it mate. You'll save heaps. Scott
  2. Jerry

    Natural Gas

    Hey Greg, No, don't have an adjustable regulator on the burner. And sorry, not sure if one would help. Having NG plumbed in can be expensive. It comes down to how long the run (pipe length) needs to be, and the diameter of the pipe. It's not always as simple as branching off from the nearest...
  3. Jerry

    Pitching dry yeast

    Throw it in. Stir, don't stir, doesn't matter. Just throw it in. Scott
  4. Jerry

    Natural Gas

    G'day Gregos, I bought a 20 jet Mongolian burner after l had natural gas plumbed to my deck. I also use NG for the bbq. Pressure wise l have no issues, in fact in the beginning the pressure was probably too high. I was having to turn the ball valve right down to reduce the amount of heat that...
  5. Jerry


    Both kettles have been sold. Enjoy upgrading your system, Matt. Cheers, Scott
  6. Jerry


    Have done a bit of upgrading over the last few months and now have a keg style kettle that is now no longer required. It has a female spigot welded in to take a tap. Has served me well but time to part company; need the room. All legally acquired and not looking for any kind of exorbitant...
  7. Jerry

    First AG - low efficiency

    Agree. If you're serious about brewing you really want to get yourself a proper burner. Aluminium or stainless pot? Your call. (go stainless...... :) ) Go the biggest, and best, you can afford; within reason of course. You don't want to have regrets later. Scott
  8. Jerry

    First AG - low efficiency

    G'day Mick, I have a 70 ltr Craftbrewer pot. I use it as my mash tun but have also used it as my kettle a few times when I've done the occasional double batch. Can certainly recommend them. Cheers, Scott
  9. Jerry

    Which recycled bottles are ok for carbing?

    Correct. A little off topic but....... I sent an email to Coopers a couple of weeks ago (fairly late on a Saturday night....) voicing my displeasure at the "newish" stubby shape. Expected a bog standard email reply. Didn't happen; got a phone call the Monday afternoon following. Faaaark me...
  10. Jerry

    Conditioning Pressure

    Do you mean carbonation levels? Depends on your set up, the beer and personal preferences. Personally, carb and serve at around 100 - 120 kpa. Scott
  11. Jerry

    No Topic Thread

    A lot of people won't get that, but you're right, we do have a drinking career and it needs to start somewhere. Something to be proud of. It's important. Cheers Dicko. Scott
  12. Jerry

    Head at the end of the keg

    Over carbonation tends to hamper retention though. Big head but no retention. Yob's probably right, there will be a science reason. It's after 1.00am, I aint science focused, and I'm a little pissed. Just enjoy the last schooner....... or whatever you drink.....
  13. Jerry

    Head at the end of the keg

    Sorry, science aint me strong point. Schooner? 425ml. Part way between a thimble (pot) and a bucket (pint) A happy medium. Less thinking, more drinking. :)
  14. Jerry

    Head at the end of the keg

    Noticed it as well Yob. The last schooner or two always seem to be the best; both taste and appearance. Sometimes you just know when it's imminent. Never noticed the retention side but wouldn't surprise me. Scott
  15. Jerry


    That's a brew stand! You get that mower thing happening and your lawns will be done in a flash. Not considering a move to Melbourne are you? You could come in real handy. Again, really impressive. Cheers, Scott
  16. Jerry

    First Brew Woes!

    Urologist perhaps?
  17. Jerry

    Added too much hops, scales on wrong setting

    Mashed at 62? Yeah, going to be pretty dry. Still don't like the DME option. Simplest, but still....... Steep some specialty grain option? Otherwise, don't like a refreshing shandy do you?
  18. Jerry

    Tomorrow's Brew

    I'd go Amarillo and Centennial; love them. 60 min addition with either and then a combo of both at 10 mins and then again at 0 mins. Fruity APA, nothing better as far as I'm concerned.... Leave the Fuggles for something English.
  19. Jerry

    Added too much hops, scales on wrong setting

    Personally, l'd leave it. I just don't like the idea of adding extract to an AG beer. Could perhaps steep some extra crystal or carapils to add to it? Or just leave it. Scott
  20. Jerry


    Don't get the flowers thing either. Especially for blokes. Bit........l don't know........not right. I'm really fortunate, my wife doesn't see much point in flowers either. As you say, go in the bin after a couple of days; such a waste of money. Buy a nice 6 pack of something really...