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  1. Cecilweetabix

    Bulk hop rhizomes for sale

    Hello Do you still have any rhizomes left? Regards Nick
  2. Cecilweetabix

    Help required on adjusting PH with calcium sulphate

    Hey all I am just starting a brew - I am brewing an English Ale (using a clone recipe of Old Speckled Hen from BeerSmith). My question is does anyone know how much calcium sulphate i should use for an end volume of 24L in the fermenter to get close to Northern England water starting using...
  3. Cecilweetabix

    Garage Project Cookies & Ceam Ale

    Thanks guys - will have to see how this comes out and adjust on the next one.
  4. Cecilweetabix

    Grainfather or Braumeister

    I went for the Grainfather (GF).The reason was the upfront cost. I believe the braumeister (BM) is a superior build quality - example ... can see that they have tooled up to create parts such as bottom mesh pieces whereas the GF is taking off the shelf mesh, cutting and using silicon seal...
  5. Cecilweetabix

    Garage Project Cookies & Ceam Ale

    Hello peeps I was hoping to brew a batch in the style of the Garage Project Cookies & Cream Ale. Could not find a recipe so was going to go with the Milk O Stout recipe from and add some vanilla bean paste in the fermentor. still need to work out how much and at what point...
  6. Cecilweetabix

    Comment by 'Cecilweetabix' in media 'Cellar'

    Hi Seaquebrew - That's something I had not thought about. The air con is dumping out the warm air not recirculating - plus there are wall vents that I usually leave blocked but can open - so should be good I have just ordered my first 6Kg CO2 canister yesterday - so certainly something to be...
  7. Cecilweetabix

    Newbie to site - and brewing. N0.10 Brewery up and running

    Sorry all - I meant 67C. Sparged at 72C. I used the Grainfather and took about 20 mins to get to 67C.
  8. Cecilweetabix

    WTF are CO2 tanks so expensive here?

    The price issue is called the Australia Tax. High cost of living means high margins on everything here. Just feels like you are being ripped off so much of the time. Still - I know where I would rather be:)
  9. Cecilweetabix

    Comment by 'Cecilweetabix' in media 'cellar door'

    The Maiden - might use that - Thx:)
  10. aNo10 brewery

    aNo10 brewery

    My cellar brewery. Cellar was there as a wine cellar when we moved in 5 years ago - a few bits from Ikea - adjustment of the racking, air conditioning and hey presto - a brewery:)
  11. Bottling day1

    Bottling day1

    Bottling day today. Cant wait to progress to kegs, but thank god for the 250 Grolsch bottles I found on ebay. Followed a recipe I found in The Big Book of Home Brew - a Kiwi guide - of Epic Pale Ale. Great book BTW - it was what gave me the confidence to get off my arse and progress from...
  12. Cecilweetabix

    New brewer from Olympic Park, Sydney

    Hi Brendan Agree with some of the other replies below and can certainly recommend the Grainfather. Am using this in my cellar which would certainly be smaller than apartment space.
  13. Cecilweetabix

    Newbie to site - and brewing. N0.10 Brewery up and running

    Hello anyone:) Started brewing here in Sydney about a year ago and have been using extract and playing with steeping grains. Just took the initial training wheels off the other week with my first couple of all grain brews. Purchased a Grainfather as looked like an easy entry into all grain...
  14. Cecilweetabix

    Comment by 'Cecilweetabix' in media 'cellar door'

    Ha ha - 'Brand' for my beers is No.10 - a reference to my English heratige and the fact that my house number is No.10. The cellar door is painted black as in 10 Downing St London and anyone who lived in the UK in the 80's should be able to recognize the image (or should I say spitting image:)
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    IMG 3817

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  17. cellar door

    cellar door

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