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  1. Dazzling

    Using A Herms

    Finally constructed my HERMS having used a bucket to bucket fly sparge for the last 12 months and just wanting to confirm that my understanding of the process is correct, that is that I would follow the same as normal batch sparging procedures except for the obvious recirculation thru the heat...
  2. Dazzling

    Vanilla Pale Ale Recipe

    I already have my own idea of how to do this but was just interested to get some other opinions. What I want to do is to create a pale ale, not unlike jayses skunkfart recipes, but instead of loading up the cascade hops for that "little creatures" taste, i wanted to get a vanilla aroma and...
  3. Dazzling

    Silicon Hose

    G'day all, I have recently made the big plunge and purchased a march pump :D now I am in need of hose and connections to pump from vessel to vessel. As you could have deciphered from the post title I am interested in what people are using as hose and is expensive silicon hose necessary? Grain...
  4. Dazzling

    Pitching Yeast Into A Lager

    G'day all, I have made my first pilsner/lager over the weekend and have pitched a 2L starter of yeast straight off the stir plate last night. I pitched the starter into the wort which was already sitting on 10-12 degrees. Is this the right procedure or is it best to pitch at a higher...
  5. Dazzling

    Adding Yeast When Priming?

    G'day all, my oatmeal stout will have been in secondary for 3 weeks this friday. I transferred to secondary after 4 days when it had slowed to around 2-3 bubbles per minute. After transferring there wasn't any bubbling action so to speak and I am wondering whether I should add some more yeast...
  6. Dazzling

    Using An Esky As A Mash Tun

    Hey all, I'm currently mashing with a 19L pot on the stove and lautering with a 20L bucket which works a treat but i'm looking to upgrade to a cooler. Do people use the coolers to mash as well as lauter, and adjust the temperature by adding hot/cold water? Does the temperature of the grist...
  7. Dazzling

    Is My Wyeast Dead?

    My first experience with Wyeast has turned pear shaped, of course I hadn't read Batz post on getting Wyest started which would have helped immensely and instead followed the instructions on the pack (fcuk up no. 1 ). The difference being Batz said his took 3 days swell and the pack says 3-4...
  8. Dazzling

    Late Hop Additions And Dry Hopping

    Hi all, got one of the famous skunkfart pale ales in the primary at the minute. as most would know these recipes call for vast amounts of cascade hop additions late in the boil. I guess this is a general question for all brews, but if you are planning to dry hop should you ease off on the late...
  9. Dazzling

    Priming Sugar

    So i made my way to the local HBS today to get some supplies and with my memory of a goldfish couldn't work out whether i had previously used dextrose or maltodextrin for bulk priming :blink: . of course i took a punt and ended up getting the wrong one to what i wanted, that being maltodextrin...
  10. Dazzling

    Kitchen Scales

    G'day all, I'm looking to purchase some electronic kitchen scales, any tips on places to buy, brands to avoid etc etc.... Cheers Dazzling
  11. Dazzling

    Smaller Batch Than Planned

    G'day all, I got my first AG under way late last week and it is currently in primary fermentation. Unfortunately it didn't all go according to plan and due to a few newbie cock-ups I now have a 15L batch instead of 23L as I was hoping for. So what I would like advice on is should I rack to a...
  12. Dazzling

    2ndry? Ccing?

    In light of sounding like the newbie that i am, i have been reading various posts on CCing and 2ndary fermentation and in doing so have confused myself a great deal. Could someone please sort me out, I am interested to know how these two processes differ, what they do and what temperatures...
  13. Dazzling

    Gas For Firing Boiler

    G'day all, only a few more items before i'm brewing.......if only I wasn't wasting all my time in this office every day.... To the point tho, I need a gas supply to fire my boiler. What is the cheaper option, to buy my own bottle and have it refilled, or get one of those swap and go's from the...
  14. Dazzling

    Newbie Questions

    G'day all, I'm just getting my first all grain set-up into final order but wanted to clear a number of things up before i attempted my first brew. I have been able to get a hell of a lot of questions answered from searching this forum but were unable to find answers to the below issues: 1. I...