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    Bottling a lager.

    So for anyone interested in the process of bottling lagers. After reading the heavily opinionated and conflicting processes on the net and various forums, mine is essentially finished, and turned out amazing ( imo ) Is an all grain Czech Pilsner. So I brewed it in the robobrew, fermented it...
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    Lager before bottle carbing?

    Hey guys, I'm getting extremely frustrated getting different answers from different people / sources on the internet. I've got a lager ( my first one ) that's done fermenting and had a 3 day diacetyl rest. I was going to cold crash it, transfer to another by bucket and lager for 4+ weeks at 2...
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    First time lagering ( Czech Pilsner )

    Just wanted to check what the go is with the lager fermenting process as I'm doing on for the first time. Once boil is complete I chill to 10 C in the fermenter then add yeast. Ferment until complete at 10 C ( roughly 2 weeks ), then raise to 16 - 18 C for a ~2 day diacetyl rest. Once this is...
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    Yeast might be dead?

    Hey guys, I did a red IPA yesterday and used a wyeast 1007 German ale smack pack. I noticed the pack didn't swell over the 4 or so hours I was brewing. Anyway it's been 24 hours and no bubbling in the airlock. What's the go from here. Do I wait another 24 hours and do a hydro test and see if...
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    Screwed up my order, what will this taste like.

    I'm doing a red IPA and imperial stout this weekend. When i checked my emails I realised I stuffed my red IPA order up. I don't know how, I think I was still half asleep coming off nightshift or something. This is what I've ordered: 4 kg x Maris Otter ( getting golden promise instead as...
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    Best way to add choc and coffee to stout

    Hey guys, Looking at making an oatmeal stout in the style of founders breakfast. I'm just going to make a fairly generic version first before I try to stick as close to possible to the actual recipe. Just wanted to know what are the common methods of getting chocolate / cocoa / cacao and...