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    My micro brewery dream

    Hey Matt nice write up in the paper today, good to see things are still motoring along! (I assume he won't mind me posting the link here); https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/regional/great-southern/a/32269665/new-brewery-on-tap-soon/#page1
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    Perth newbie

    Mate two things: control your fermentation temperature (see ice in a bath tub or sink with your fermenter) and swap the yeast you get in the kit with US05 or something similar (assume it's an ale - don't try and brew a lager first up or you will be disappointed). Fermentation temperature is...
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    1/2 Price Spiegelau Beer Glasses

    Thanks for the heads up, have bought glasses :)
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    My micro brewery dream

    Matty, great thread and thanks for sharing. How are you planning to promote the brewery (budget)? Also, are you just selling at the door or are you trying to get taps elsewhere and supply kegs - I'm thinking this is harder than it sounds? I assume you've worked out how much you need to sell /...
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    Starter sanitation necessary?

    Micro organisms that ruin beer (eg bacteria) grow at an exponentially faster rate than yeast. If you have said bacteria in your starter (then subsequent beer) your beer is ruined. Simple. Yeast will not "out grow" bacteria and somehow make a good beer regardless of the bacteria present. For the...
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    Motorhead frontman Lemmy dead at 70

    I remember an interview with Angus Young and him saying they (ACDC) thought they were the loudest band in the world until they heard Motorhead. I remember seeing ACDC on their Razors Edge tour and F me it was loud. Ears ringing for about 3 days afterwards, so I can only image how loud Motorhead...
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    Need help in getting more hop aroma

    I'd suggest it's pretty well correlated. Not that it's an exact science or anything; just saying based on personal experience. :drinks: Maybe it's just me but if the hop smells pretty strongly, you can be fairly sure it's good for putting aroma in your beer. As it happens, those hops often are...
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    Need help in getting more hop aroma

    Really? So a high AA hop adds the same aroma as a lower AA hop?? Who knew I've been doing it all wrong all these years!! I should be using tonnes of saaz late in the boil to get the aroma I want!! :unsure:
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    Need help in getting more hop aroma

    What's the batch size? I've come to the conclusion that dry hopping is the best for aroma - the last batch I did I used 6g/L of Galaxy, aroma was great. Obviously you want to shoot for high AA hops when dry hopping. As others have said, you need to do it toward the end of ferment and leave the...
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    CO2 cylinders

    You serve your beer at 0 degrees? WTF?? Are you serving VB and need to ensure nobody can taste it??
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Guys can anyone provide some tips for efficiency increases with the BM? Been using ours for a while now and seem to struggle to get much more than 70% efficiency. My mash schedule these days is mash in at 52, 60 minutes at 65, 20 at 72 and 15 at 78. Going on today's numbers I ended up with 45L...
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    Base Malt!

    Why skimp? If you're happy with Wey pils for lighter lagers (personally I wouldn't use anything else) then unless you're aiming for a sub-standard product it'd be silly to use anything else. I always take the attitude that if I'm giving beer away I want to make sure it's the best I can make - I...
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    Can I save the batch? (Poor airlock seal)

    No. Turn the temperature up a degree or two, wait a few more days. Worst case scenario is it's done and won't ferment out when you have two choices - buy another lot of yeast or just bottle it, resigned to the fact it won't be the best tasting beer of all time. Unless it's off (taste it), I...
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    Breweries in Oregon and Washington

    Had the Bridgeport Hop Czar on the weekend. Bloody awful. Couldn't drink it. This coming from an AIPA guy.
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    When a H.B. Shop should say "Kits and Bits" only!

    I think this is part of the issue - the range required (or rather 'expected') by AG brewers is large and given most items have a finite shelf life it's ridiculous to think your LHBS is going to stock everything for what would be a tiny market. Similarly ridiculous is the notion that a store...
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    Whats your method for measuring hops?

    Well that rules me out. Assbeer is my speciality. So my wheat beer would be 10-20% stronger?? You bewdy!! Pity i dont brew wheat beers these days... No the bondage gear is under lock and key so definitely nobody has discovered it... :ph34r:
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    Whats your method for measuring hops?

    Yeah I've learnt something from this thread :unsure: Strange, we all use scales for measuring... I must admit I am a fairly lazy brewer these days and I know my plastic bucket holds about 5kg of grain... near enough for me. No scales needed :ph34r:
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    A need for a good quality inexpensive beer filtration system

    Gelatine? Sorry, probably not the answer you wanted but the end result is a very clear beer (which is what I'm assuming you want). Having been down the filtration route, with mixed results (not to mention the copious amounts of dicking around cleaning and sanitising filters, lost beer, etc)...
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    Cape Bouvard winery/brewery (Lake Clifton, WA)

    Went here at easter time, would not go back. Tried a few beers including the wheat, vienna lager and one other I can't recall, all were pretty ordinary. Coupled with the old couple who were running the place (I assume they owned it) looking absolutely miserable - like they were doing you a...
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    F***ing siphons!

    Gelatine? Works for me.
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