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    Braumeister 50L for sale - well loved

    god hates me. conned a mate into a grainfather last weekend. i'd have moved my gf to him and upgraded. you never thought to do this last weekend?? :( AND i live northside :o
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    try and get workers comp if you get wrapped around a tree by an uber while youre on a work related trip. (in states where uber is illegal). and if half a dozen sub continental cabbies chip in and buy a camry for an uber, (and a lot do), then how come uber cars smell like roses and cabs stink??
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    making your own LME

    so who are you.... the camp commandant??? :P
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    Grain question

    as i understand it, the only time to throw grain at the fridge is actually at the freezer for an overnighter to get rid of weevils. can't answer as to what damage that might do to the grain, but it definitely damages weevils. my lhbs uses that technique, apparently, so if it's in and back out...
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    making your own LME

    firstly - any searches i've done on this have produced an avalanche of kit extract q's. but,,, another of my bright ideas that is probably about to get shot down in flames. was thinking to make some 1.06 ish base malt unhopped 23l ish batch, and a 2nd 1.04 abv to store for 2 uses one is as a...
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    Hop spider alternative: reusable tea bags?

    see Stainless hop spider thread for detailed on this, especially as it pertains to gf. my main concern with your reusables is the size. my guess is you'd need at least 3-4 for a modest hop addition.
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    500 years of 'Reinheitsgebot' rules

    maybe try japan if you want good old fashioned german beer. i've tried a few and they're more german than german. in brissy, try the japanese supermarket next to the bilo at alderley. (no affiliation) i get a taster bottle every so often and pretty impressive. yebisu all malt beer is my latest...
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    any particular finger?
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    500 years of 'Reinheitsgebot' rules

    drink the evidence. Reinheitsgebot is the best thing that ever happened to the beer industry. and next year, hacker pschorr will be 600 yrs old. look for good deals, i guess
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    Grain question

    start saving. you'll be shopping for all-grain gear about 2 stubbies into this brew :kooi: caramel vanilla??? maybe you got some pale crystal malt which is great for killing homebrew taste, or maybe carapils, doesn't do a lot on flavour but will thicken the head. both those grains are pretty...
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    Venezuela's main brewer shuts down.

    don't suppose this brewery has got any gear up for grabs?? i need a good 230000 L fermenter cos my plastic one broke. -_-
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    Tom Jones is still alive

    that's 2 of my favourite 3 stage performers gone and it's only april. wtf's going on?? saw bowie 5 times, 3 from front row, and prince twice, 20 years apart. and hutchence went 19 years ago so it's not like i'm going to see inxs again either. lost count of how many times i saw them. there's...
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    Grain question

    your hbs can't tell you what it is?? i'd ask them again. how dark is it? i think all grain darker than pale will have some steeping qualities. (stand corrected if not so). but some pale grains also steep eg cara amber or carapils. what does it smell like eg delicious sweet, slightly dry, no...
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    no. just brew it anyway. it is probably tailor made for gf. after that, just enjoy the journey :) and welcome to the wonderful world of gf
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    Cheap kit beer.. but with body?

    if you want beer out, you have to put beer in. malt extract is more expensive than grain, but a lot less expensive than going to the bottle-oh. and sugar doesn't taste like beer. the reason why it tastes like beer flavoured water is cos that's what your ingredients will make. you can't make beer...
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    Better bottling/less loss

    i only bottle. there's an art to gently tipping the primary slightly when you're down to the last 4L or so, and getting the most out without stirring trub. i usually lose around 500ml, and on a high floc like nottingham, i'd lose about 200ml max. on the bottling fermenter, are you removing the...
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    New Grainfather and no recipes!

    you might need to look for gf profile on beersmith under 'add ons' tab. there's also a lot of other good stuff there, like updated ingredient lists etc. your mash and sparge water quantities are on the gf calculator, on the gf site. good idea to bookmark it. checking out the 'style' tab on...
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    Kit yeast v purchased yeast - what is the taste difference?

    i wash then reduce down. then wash again and reduce.the yeast in the photo above would end up in 2 urine sample jars or similar with sterile water on top. a lot more compact for storage. one of them would be good for about 2-3 starters while the 2nd sits longer term and makes 1-2 starters. i...
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