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    Woman sues hospital after husband loses desire for sex.

    Eye bleach!!! Where the hell is the eye bleach!!!
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    Just how DO you get that juicy IPA taste and aroma?

    I can't think of any worse style than NEIPA to go through a beer engine. Me, I love my beer engine.
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    What are you listening to

    Who says Karaoke is boring
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    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    Immensely jealous of you guys. Damn possums just stripped every single fruit off one of my chillis, and has had a good go at my black pasillo. Do these little b#&tards not feel pain /burn?
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    BIAB / Keg gear for sale

    Okay. Will take the lot
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    BIAB / Keg gear for sale

    Also, what sort of fridge is it?
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    BIAB / Keg gear for sale

    Will take kegging gear
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    Could also be the collective noun for San? As in "Could I have 2 bottles of star _sans_, please"

    Could also be the collective noun for San? As in "Could I have 2 bottles of star _sans_, please"
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    Birthday Drinks

    Happy birthday, Cock-meister! Q: What's pink and slippery? A: Guess what you're getting for your present :D
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Dipel from any gardening store will control most forms of caterpillar. You just make it up with water and spray from a bottle. Won't affect other pests, but won't harm your good insects or bees either.
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    Gauze Mat for Erlenmeyer Flask

    I got a heat spreader from the local Chinese import shop. About $5, if I recall correctly.
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    Horns Across the Nation

    Boom! Album Of The Year material. Only criticism, it's far too short. Support your local metal \m/
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    No Topic Thread

    Sorry to be the one to do this to you, but <SPOILER> he's not real. </SPOILER>
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    Are we even allowed to ask?

    Must be a December thing
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    No Topic Thread

    You don't say much around here any more, but when you do, it's umm, yeah, full of words n stuff
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    Free bottles melb

    Tbh, it's only a conciliatory prize. Bum doesn't post here any more.
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    No Topic Thread

    Nice meta post there, "Dave o"
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    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    Have you tried turning it upside-down?
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    2014 Vic Christmas Case Swap

    Sorry guys, am going to have to give this one a miss. I'm going to be fishing (and not for compliments) instead. Have redacted my name from the non-swappers. Have fun 1. Midnight Brew - Sons of Zeus IPA (Red X, Apollo, Bravo) 2. Grainer - Melandolin Induced Munich Dunkel - Think it came 4...
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    Today's the 14th. That would be 3 days, and counting...

    Today's the 14th. That would be 3 days, and counting...