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  1. Hodgo71

    Adjusting the gap on crankandstein 2s

    G'Day all, For the past few hours I've been trying to remove the bearing to adjust my mill. No luck at all and nothing online despite googling madly for 2 hours. They say you can adjust it to 3 settings. Now the way it is currently, the crush is too fine for a grainfather and the sparges are...
  2. Hodgo71

    Best size fermenter for 3 corny kegs?

    Hi all, Newby here so I apologise if I am repeating a topic which has been answered in the past. I have had a look through past threads and can't find anything which directly answers my question, plus there is a lot of lingo I don't understand (e.g. cubes..??? etc). Anyway a quick background...