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  1. yeungnut

    Herms Brewery for Sale

    I am sadly selling my HERMs brewery, which produces crystal clear wort, as I have down sized to producing smaller batches. Selling as a complete system only. Included in the sale: · Custom built 2 tier brew stand with natural gas Mongolian burner with regulator (never run out of gas during...
  2. yeungnut

    Advice On Plate Chillers

    Hi, I'm after some advice on plate chillers from those that use or have used them. With the current water restrictions and concerns with how much water I'm using with my immersion chiller, I'm thinking of getting a plate chiller. I know of the concerns with cleaning but would like some advice...
  3. yeungnut

    Herms Design Question

    Hi Guys, I'm planing to build a Herms system and was wondering if an electric hot water urn is suitable to double up as a HLT and heat exchange vessel with the recirculating copper tubing sitting in the urn? Is this a suitable setup for step mashes with the water in the urn at a set temp and...
  4. yeungnut

    Melbourne Malt Bulk Buy 2 (new Prices)

    Hi All, Sorry for starting a new post but I thought it would be easier. I have just received a price list from David Cryer for malt prices for Melbourne pickup for orders prior to the first of April. There is considerable difference to what I had posted previously which was from Darren's...
  5. yeungnut

    Malt Bulk Buy Melbourne

    I am trying to organize a bulk Malt buy from David Cryer (Cryer Malt) for people in Melbourne in the next 2 weeks as apparently Malt prices are going up 30% on the 1st of April. Orders are for Barrett Burston, Bairds or Weyermans. I have attatched a pdf of the current prices. Orders of 25 kg...