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Comments on Profile Post by klangers

  1. Yob
    if you bring me back some Medusa, I'll have your children
  2. Lyrebird_Cycles
    I've always wanted to visit Fat Tire in Colorado, apparently the most efficient small brewery in the world.
  3. Mikeyr
    Was in Las Vegas a year ago, Lagunita's IPA everywhere, thought it must be from a big boy, turns out to be small brewery and damn good. Did 3 brewery pubs in Vegas, not worth the running around really. Poke around the bars and you find it all on tap. May be heresy but in Mexico, buy South American Wine, so cheap and so damn good! You're buying 389 at Kalimna price. Also shout yourself a JC Family Reserva Tequila (and not the mass market stuff "familia de la reserva")if yo...
  4. Benn
    I'd love to go to Mexico, some of the best cave diving on planet earth is to be had on the Yucatan Peninsula.
  5. Mardoo
    Colorado is a big place, but yes, Fat Tire as mentioned, and New Belgium. Shitloads of great breweries there and in San Francisco. Try 21st Amendment in SF.
  6. neal32
    Sierra Nevada and Russian Riverarnt to far north of San Francisco and they were the best breweries i went to on my California trip.
  7. Moad
    Colorado, go to left hand and drink some nitro stout