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  1. Yorg

    F.S. Stainless Conical Fermenter for approx 20l batches

    SOLD So this too has been in my shed for a while - not really using it and need the space. Imported it years ago directly from the States from a guy I found on the internet who made them. Very good condition - nothing wrong with it. Going cheap to a good home - $80. (please don't haggle - its...
  2. Yorg

    F.S.Blichmann Conical Fermenter approx. 50l

    On Hold with Deposit. Been in my shed for years. Hardly used - never did brew the big batches I thought I might. Clean the dust off and I think I could say its as new. New from Ibrew it is about $1500 (with different fittings)...
  3. Yorg


    Ehm, I went to their website. Out of stock, not contact details. Feels like this has fallen over. Anyone know otherwise?
  4. Yorg

    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    Forgive me if in these 61 pages this has been answered, but does anyone know what the connectors/sheilding are on the element terminals that come out the bottom of a braumeister? The photos i've seen are a little obsucure, the terminals look like they are covered in heat shrink or some such, but...
  5. Yorg

    Anyone Got A Cnc Machine?

    I need some help. I'm making some beer gear, and need to make some seals from silicon sealant. I need to be able to pour food grade silicon into forms. Anyone got a CNC machine they can rout these forms out of some MDF or other soft stable material? Will be routed from around 25cm square, 30mm...
  6. Yorg

    Yet Another 12v Pump

    The Craftbrewer one is specified as 110 Celcius on their site. ?? Wolfy, which pump had you mentioned earlier as polysuphone - I couldn't see it?
  7. Yorg

    Yet Another 12v Pump

    Sure does, but that one is bigger and more powerful. I need one to fit into a tight space.
  8. Yorg

    Yet Another 12v Pump

    No problem so far at all, couple of emails and was able to paypal. Also check out Alibaba express, they seemed to have almost all the same products but selling single items.
  9. Yorg

    Yet Another 12v Pump

    I've just purchased a 'sample' of the pump linked on post #22. The MP 15RM model. $48 for the pump, $54 delivery costs. No doubt would be less for a bulk buy. Should get it in days. Will let you know what its like.
  10. Yorg

    Yet Another 12v Pump

    Yeah, but as Wolfy has experienced, they cut out after running hot for some minutes. I wonder if others have experienced this. I need a reliable no fuss small pump - but I don't care if its AC or DC. The March is too big. This looks like it may be OK - I'm waiting for more info from the...
  11. Yorg

    Yet Another 12v Pump

    Before I send an inquiry - has anyone else already done so? Re the all black pump: Note that it is rated to 100C only in the 3phase DC version. What's 3phase DC, I don't understand their description - is it a difficult to implement? It seems to be magnetic drive: "Drive mode: brushless...
  12. Yorg

    Beer Taints Sensory Evaluation Seminar

    Another Taints session coming - 15th Sep. Declaring an interest - I'm running it. Follow link under Upcoming Events on front page: Also posting in the retailer section of the forum about other seminars coming up in the next few weeks. (Take your point Wolfy re...
  13. Yorg

    Arduino Development Thread

    I did a google search for difference between bonjuino and brewtroller, and amazingly got zero documents. Can someone please tell me?
  14. Yorg

    Stainless Conical Fermentors

    I have a Blichmann and a no-name. I have considered getting rid of both - principally because of the narrow dumps- I poke clothes hanger wire into them to get the plug to flow. So, two bobs, definitely a large dump, but an inch would be more than enough, and 3/4 I think would work well and would...
  15. Yorg

    Brown Pump

    So does anyone have any reports on how these brown pumps are performing. They seem almost too good to be true. I heard from Wolfy that his seized once he paused it at boiling temp, and wouldn't start again until it cooled down. I thought they were made to run at 100C. Any one else experiencing...