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    [sa] Free - Chest Freezer

    No problem for me if no one comes, ill wheel it back in the shed and make it into a keg freezer setup for myself.
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    [sa] Free - Chest Freezer

    This is back up for grabs ppl. Come get it for free, and its yours to keep.
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    [sa] Free - Chest Freezer

    Got an old - read : old - retro chest freezer. Thing has sat out in the shed for a while, I dont know if it runs, but last time i knew it did. Probably would suit a cleanup and new compressor. Id think it would fit about 6-8 kegs in there, but havent measured it to know for sure. If you want...
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    Birthday Drinks

    yup, thanks rook Got lucky this year with it being on friday, so drinks are on tonight :D
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    Cracked Crystal Grain

    You need to find out exactly what type of grain it is. Some grain can just be steeped in hot water and then add the water to the brew (for better body, colour or to aid to head retention) Other grains need to be mashed which requires a bit more effort. It all depends on what u have there....
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    Jaycar Fridge Controller

    can you do this on any chest freezer, or just the one you had? I can see a lot of guys here interested in the details of this :lol:
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    Cheap/free Fermenters

    Aussie disposals have the round one labelled as water drums, or kyak thingoes... 30L ones fer about $16 i think it was, and the 60L ones were $29 or around there... i dont look for equipment in HBS, as thye buy from other shops and resell it as specialized equipment.
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    Cheap/free Fermenters

    :blink: id rather pay the $10-$15 and get a fresh fermenter thanks anyway
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    Grain Mill... Pics

    wish i knew somone local in SA that had a lathe to knurl me up some rollers... Id rather pay a fellow hb'er with the know how than get a machine shop to knock me up a pair...
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    Wort Chilling?

    Ales can be pitched at around their fermenting temp (usually 16-18deg) without any problems. Lagers can also be pitched at their usual fermenting temps (12-14deg) however for example if using dried yeast like a s-189 or any similar yeast u should pitch double the amount ie 2 packs or 23gms.
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    Charity Raffle $5 Per Ticket

    Ill be buying some tickets monday to help the kids out. :icon_cheers:
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    Worst Brewing Disaster. Ever!

    Ive had the ole start filling the fermenter with the tap open still trick happen :P
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    Where To Buy And Which Brand

    coopers have a wheat liquid extract, which ive used in the past. For the foamy head, id suggest using some specialty grains in the recipe. Nothing really in K&k adds to head retention like a bit of grains steeped ive found.
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    Boiling Malt

    the only time u need to boil anything is when u steep specialty grains, or do a mini mash. Its needed to get rid of any nasties in the water, and u can add hops to the unhopped malt extracts this way. U seem to have the wrong part of the stick, as once u boil a small batch it is then left to...