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    Cleaning Pet Bottles

    Second the motion. After subtracting the cost of buying the bottles empty, you can sample some excellent beers for peanuts. For 750s that's probably Coopers ales, for 500s European (including UK) products. At one time I bought quite a few Imperial pints of Little Creatures, but their new owners...
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    New member

    Low abv and low-carb, with body? Are you trying to rely on dissolved proteins for body? You may hit a ceiling there. In any event melanoidin malts are probably a good choice. Caramel and dextrin malts are standbyes with many brewers of low abv beers but do leave plenty of carbs in the beer. By...
  3. yankinoz

    Best Conical Pressurised fermenter

    Very interesting thought for the brewpub I'm never actually going to start. I see the designers have provided for heating the fermenter, but the only cooling comes from circulating water in the jacket. If your supplied water is warmer than your brewing temperatures you'd need a way to chill it...
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    What happened to Wide Eyed And Legless?

    Hasn't anyone tried a new hop lately, brewed a batch that tastes like brussels sprouts, devised a recipe that defies BJCP classification? I find the occasional acrimony hard to understand, since I come from America, the exceptional land where everyone lives in blissful harmony and nary a...
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    Forum needs to be active so let's talk political.

    I get into them all the time, post essays, get called names, but I avoid doing so on brewing forums except on rare occasions (as when I started the thread on Russki beer). It's not the place unless you do it with a light touch. P.S. I may be grumpier than thou. Dan
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    Off flavours

    A possible cause is wild yeasts. A year-round warm climate and the presence of rotting fruit in the neighbourhood would favor high airborne concentrations. Stellarsan and Starsan are not effective against them. Try iodophor or peracetic acid. But I'm not sure what would produce the muddy...
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    Brewday and what is everyone brewing currently?

    That amount is on the light side. One US brewery that built its reputation to a large degree on a tart cherry ale uses one pound to twelve ounces of beer, or almost 27 kg in 20L. I've used 4kg in 20L. The cherry flavour was...
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    Forum needs to be active so let's talk political.

    Suppose someone were to carry out an assassination in full view of multiple TV cameras and with no one else close, then confesses. Further, a search of the assassin's home finds a manifesto justifying the assassination and detailing plans. No record is found of collaboration with others. Open...
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    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    I stand corrected, except that there would be net expansion when cooling even from 6 to near zero. Of course, bottlers would start much higher than 6 if they are carbing.
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    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    To clarify for varied readers, so long as you do not overcarbonate or freeze the beer, CO2 is not the problem. I've filled glass bottles to within one centimeter with no gushers or bombs, but you need to leave more if you cold condition below 4 C, because water expands with temps falling below...
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    Mashing overnight

    Along with others in various forums I've done a complete mash, mashed out and then boiled the next day. No problem. If you kept the mash at room temps long enough, you'd get undesirable souring. I've had no problems, but I kept the.container covered, set it outside on a cool (<10) night and...
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    Building stuff in the shed

    BOAB, brew on a boat.
  13. yankinoz

    Extra beer

    Look into minikegs, e.g., 5L. Some growlers take pressure; you'd need to prime those.