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    New To Home Brew/new To The Forum

    Josh, My best piece of advice is to question every piece advice. Unless the reason for something is understood, you could just continue making the mistakes of others (despite their best intentions). Also, you will gain more knowledge about the whole brewing process, rather than just learn a...
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    Grain Suppliers In Sydney

    Hi guys, I've been out of the game for a couple of years and finally decided to get back into brewing (my wife threatening to throw out my stockpile of empties helped...) Anyway, I notice a few shops have come and gone, so who are good AG suppliers in Sydney? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Kit Beer Bos At The Nationals

    Well there's a good argument. I'll just wait for Coopers to come out with a better product, not change my processes at all, but start winning comps! An AGer has to do all that plus create the wort. These are obviously different skills. That's not saying there isn't any skill in K+K, but it...
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    Kit Beer Bos At The Nationals

    I think Adam has summed it up pretty well. We've all had frozen meals from the supermarket, and we've all had home cooked meals. For arguments sake, lets say they both taste exactly the same. Which one are you more satisfied with after cooking it? I switched to AG for two reasons: 1) The...
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    Judging Standards And Fake Entries

    Well said!
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    Judging Standards And Fake Entries

    You're right that it could be a dodgy sample that was sent down, so I'm waiting to see the judges comments. But there do seem to be quite a few entries with a 30+ points difference which looks a little bizarre. And I don't think any of this is about sour grapes.
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    Aabc 2006 Results

    Mine got caned! ;) I knows theres a bit of subjectivity, but 30 points difference from the NSW comp was a bit of a surprise. Looking forward to reading the judging sheets. Congrats to all the winners.
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    The 2006 Nsw Homebrewing Championships

    Ok, no worries. Couldn't see it doing too well at AABA even if it was eligible. Keen to see how the weizenbock goes though. Thanks to all the organisers by the way. Sounds like a pretty good day. I'll definitely have to come along next year! Thanks, Wreck.
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    The 2006 Nsw Homebrewing Championships

    Hi, Picked up a first and a third (?) in the wheat section. Did a double decoction for the weizenbock, so I'm glad it was with the effort. One question though. Was that 3rd correct? It only got 74, and someone else's beer is listed as a qualifier for AABA. Don't want to claim someone else's...
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    I'm about to bottle a bock, but was thinking of freezing a couple of litres for an eisbock. Carbonation has been mentioned above, but will I be able to carbonate my beer after freezing? Should I keep a small sample of the yeast from secondary to mix with the beer after I thaw it out for...
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    Style Of The Week 14/6/06 - Bock

    That doesn't look too difficult. I might put aside a litre or two of a bock and put it in the freezer, and skim some of the ice off. I'll bottle the rest as normal. That way I won't waste a whole batch if I stuff it.
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    Style Of The Week 14/6/06 - Bock

    Has anyone had a go at an eisbock? How do you actually go about it? Thanks, Wreck.
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    Nsw Homebrew Competition 2005

    Scored a 2nd in the strong lager. Shame I've only got 2 bottles left. With no fridge, I'll have to wait until winter next year to brew it again.
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    Nsw Homebrew Competition 2005

    Hi Ray, Just wondering if you got a good turn out for the comp. Thanks, Wreck.
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    Yeast Farming

    I was digging through my fridge and found a first generation yeast that is over a year old now. I've also got a 3rd generation of the same yeast, that would only be a few months old. Which is better to use? The older, closer to the original yeast, or the fresher version? Thanks, Wreck.