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  1. Wolfman

    VICBREW 2019

    Thanks for the feed back Martin.
  2. Wolfman

    VICBREW 2019

    I miss him and his hidden links. Great work as always Martin!
  3. Wolfman

    VICBREW 2019

    Cheers. Is Cocko still here?
  4. Wolfman

    VICBREW 2019

    Any results as yet?
  5. Wolfman

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Wow. That was a lot to absorb in one day.
  6. Wolfman

    Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza 2018

    Wolfman wins something and everyone is disliking it?
  7. Wolfman

    Mountain Goat Summer Ale and Steam Ale (Side-by-Side)

    Sorry I never got back to you. As per the recipe they are 23L each. Cheers
  8. Wolfman

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    With only 77 entries and stewards and judges to feed for their time makes sharing the limited money very thin. I hope you understand. It is hard to know at the time of setting up the event that the numbers would be down. I'm in discussion with the committee re something for the place getters...
  9. Wolfman

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    Thanks for the great feedback mate. All points noted. Just for the record we do this comp for the community not the profit, which none was made. 300 entries? The amount of entries was no where near that amount, for the record it was 77. Not a $ was made from the event.
  10. Wolfman

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    Great feedback Yob. I suppose the Mashers can expect the Hop dealz Australia will sponsor the trophies for next year. :-)
  11. Wolfman

    So when do you stop being noob an start to become part of the furnitur

    So when does one stop being a noob and become part of the furniture? 1. X years as a brewer? 2. X amount of batches of beer? 3. X amount of time you have been a member of this forum? Pick your number and your reason as to your choice.
  12. Wolfman

    Rain Water Brewing

    So many smart people on here. TDS = Total dissolved solids would have been enough. The old google it is still in fashion I see. But thanks for the hot tip malt junkie.
  13. Wolfman

    Rain Water Brewing

    Yer mate his is a brand new shed. Not a tree or possum to be seen. However he has another house tank he's been using and I suspect some of the issue could be this. It's good enough to drink but you he other tank would b better. Cheers mate. He's just south of Horsham so salt won't be an issue...