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    Aaargh, Leaking Urn Element, Advice To Fix

    Is the urn a Birko? They have had alot of issues with leaking urns over the past 6 months. Return it to your place of purchase (if it was bought new) and they will give you a replacement. Craig
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    Grain Mills

    The 2A is a good mill, I have used one for the last 12 months and it works fine. I just got sick of running the grain through twice, once on a wide setting then once on a closer setting, with the 3 roller you just set and forget and run through once. Really only a pain when doing double batches...
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    Grain Mills

    The hopper holds approx 5kg. The hopper plans that come with all the Crankandstein mills only hold about 1-2kg so I basically doubled the size. Wobbo
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    Grain Mills

    Got my new Crankandstein from Fred the other day took 4 days. All up cost inc freight was $300 for the CGM-3E 3 roller. Just made my hopper and base for it. Cheers Wobbo
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    Where To Buy Thermostat.

    TL To save yourself some postage or a trip to Sydney, Actrol Parts (www.actrol.com.au) at Fyshwick sell thermostats similar to the tobins unit for about $40. Also Jaycar at Fyshwick have the new temp controller kit as detailed in the latest Silicon Chip mag for $39.95, problem is you need to be...
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    Cheap? Fridge Controller

    The Jaycar unit you are talking about is an old unit. The new one as detailed in this months Silicon Chip mag is a dedicated Fridge freezer temperature controller and can do heating or cooling. It has just been released in in a kit format for $39.95 and they obviously havent updated their...
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    Cheap? Fridge Controller

    Saw the kit today in Jaycar for $39.95. Cheers Wobbo
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    Natural Gas Burner

    Debee, I run a copper on natural gas from my bbq bayonet on my deck. I just went to southern plumbing and bought a 3m hose and a NG regulator all up cost me about $50 and just replaced the lpg hose with the new one. Works a treat and never have to worry about running out of gas. The burner on...
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    Ball Lock Tank Plugs To Suit Coke Kegs

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions where I might source some of these at a cheaper price than $18.95ea :( as sold by Grain & Grape. They are called a "Taylor Type" with an external thread on the base and seem to be different to those sold by morebeer that suit the...
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    If youre talking sanitiser, I use idophor to sanitise the Therminator. Dunno if thats the Aus equiv of PBW but it works. Cheers Wobbo
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    James Squire Porter Recipe Wanted

    Is this porter recipe a clone of the JS? It doesnt mention it. Cheers Wobbo
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    Round Eskies

    Just ring Dave on Monday and ask him to measure it for you, or send him an email, I think it would go pretty close to fitting a 5gal keg. Wobbo
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    Round Eskies

    What about the 18Gal "Keep Cool " round esky on Goliaths website? They are in Adelaide so freight wouldnt be too much.... Cheers Wobbo
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    James Squire Porter Recipe Wanted

    Already tried that and couldnt find one, hence the request! Wobbo
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    James Squire Porter Recipe Wanted

    Hi, Looking for an all-grain recipe for JS porter clone, has anyone brewed one that comes close? Cheers Wobbo